Why Is Scottish Football in Decline?


Why Is Scottish Football in Decline?

Scottish football is in decline for a decade now. The very fact that Scotland is small with very few clubs within the top leagues to offer competition to other teams has been grabbing their attention for a very long time now. The two famous Scottish football clubs, Celtic and Rangers, depleted over their means to keep pace with the English clubs but it all went down by Celtic getting broken due to financial problems and rangers in due course, died and since then Scottish football is in steep decline with no club giving competition to the England club at their level best. It is quite sad, but there are several reasons which lead to their ultimate devaluation. Interested in Scottish football teams performance? Track livescore and latest football highlights on Buaksib.

Reasons why Scottish Football is in decline for over a decade now

  • Financial problems: Scotland is comprised of mostly rural areas and bigger deprived areas, making it not as wealthy as London when it involves finances. The decline within the oil price, interest within the whisky and other declination hastened the decline of Scottish football as a Scottish football club, Rangers, and plenty of other clubs went into financial trouble. They didn’t get any financial resources to play and pay for them, which increased their decline process.
  • No improvement: According to the Sbobet data, Celtic has won the Scottish league championship over 51 times and has over 100 trophies in their name, but there was no improvement under their football manager, Ronny Delia, to keep them going forward. If you see all the records of the Celtic under Delia, there was not much development and refinement, which is additionally a reason for the turndown of Scottish football.
  • Arrogance within the way: Well, haughtiness always results in one’s overpowering, and that’s what happened to Celtic. If you see the records of the matches of Europe, you might find that they were not superior at all when it came to their gameplay. But still, they had this attitude of egotism which caused their ultimate demise. The weird thing is they never learned from their defeat and kept on going with the same attitude.
  • Bringing average players: The rangers brought not so top-quality players from the English league. Earlier, the team was of Ritchie, Shearer, Macmillan, Miller, Wilson and a few great players from which the Scottish club signed Shearer, Baxter, Macmillan and Millar. The introduction of other average players wasn’t a good step because it deceased their value and gameplay.
  • The increase in ticket price: The ticket price for an adult to watch the matches of rangers was £38, which was not affordable for the middle class and the lower middle class. Since fewer people see the matches, it leads to less revenue to pay the players and the organisation committee.
  • The Rangers’ demise was undoubtedly one of the best clubs of the Scottish Premier League. The financial trouble which caused them to end left a deep scar on Scottish football, and since then, it never recovered.

Scottish football didn’t qualify for Euro 2012 and since then never got near to win the UEFA champions league or World Cup, which is a big disappointment for the Scottish fans of football. Finally, though, it is said that the introduction of summer football and the change of leagues together with restructuring might save them the steep decline and helps in rising them.


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