Why Nationwide Lockdown was implemented on just 4 hours notice? The reason given by the government in the Parliament …

Lockdown News: Corona’s havoc is increasing in the country. In India, more than 50 lakh people have been infected with the Corona virus (Coronavirus News In Hindi), while more than 82 thousand people have become victims of this deadly virus so far. In view of the increasing transition of Corona, a nationwide lockdown was announced in the last March. After this, the exercise to bring the country back on track once again through the unlock is going on. Now at the commencement of the Parliament session, the Congress raised the question as to why the nationwide lockdown was announced on just 4 hours notice? Also Read – Lockdown Extension News: Will the lockdown be implemented across the country from September 25? Know what is the truth of this viral news …

On the question of Congress leader Manish Tewari, the central government replied in writing. On behalf of the government, it was said that this step was taken on the recommendation of experts with a view to the experiences of many countries of the world. There was a danger of corona spreading across the country due to the movement of people. The government also told that if there was no lockdown then 14 to 29 lakh more cases of infection would have come, while 37-78 thousand more deaths would have occurred. Also Read – Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said in Lok Sabha – Lockdown saved 78 thousand lives

In fact, Congress MP Manish Tiwari had asked, “What are the reasons for which the lockdown was imposed on 23 March on just four hours notice.” What was the hurry that the lockdown was imposed in such a short period in the country? Has the lockdown been able to stop Kovid 19? ‘ Also Read – Covid-19 Lockdown, in the fast growing Corona, this state will now have lockdown only on Sunday

To which the Minister of State for Home Nityananda Rai said in a written reply on behalf of the government that after the corona virus outbreak on 7 January, the government had taken several measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (Covid-19). These include a ban on international travel, advisory to the public, quarantine facilities, etc. WHO declared Kovid-19 as a global pandemic on 11 March 2020.

A large number of people died in some countries, while corona infection was prevented in some countries. Global experiences were gained after comparison between the two countries. Keeping all these in mind, experts recommended measures like social distance. Between 16 and 23 March, most state governments resorted to partial or full lockdown based on an assessment of the situation.

Any major movement of people would have spread the disease very rapidly among people of all parts of the country. Therefore, a global nationwide lockdown was announced on 24 March to prevent coronas in the dosh, given the global experience and various preventive measures across the country.

Was the lockdown successful?
Minister of State for Home Nityananda Rai said that by successfully putting a nationwide lockdown, India successfully thwarted the aggressive proliferation of Kovid. The lockdown helped the country develop the necessary additional health infrastructure. Isolation beds increased 22 times and ICU beds by 14 times as compared to availability in March 2020. At the same time, the capacity of laboratories was also increased ten times. It is estimated that the decision of the lockdown slowed the pace of outbreak of epidemics and prevented 14–29 lakh cases and 37–78 thousand deaths.

(Input: IANS)

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