Why the beard suits you so well: 8 video game characters who wouldn’t be the same without a beard


We review with advice from an expert barber how to style your beard in the purest style of video game legends.

Sony InteractiveSony Interactive

How many iconic characters has the history of the video game given us? Kratos, Snake, Ezio Auditore, John Marston or the half theoretical physicist half annihilator of aliens Gordon Freeman, from the Half-Life saga. And they all share a symbol, an icon: their beards. Their beards have defined part of their personalities, robust, elusive, insurmountable. Even in the middle of an apocalypse they know how to show off and show off.

We want to talk about this very thing, about how they get those beards that are part of the master lines that define them. Because it is impossible to imagine Kratos without that thick Viking beard or Joel, the long-suffering protagonist in the original The Last Of Us, without occasionally scratching the gray on his chin. This is how you can have the best beards in the video game from the hand of Philips OneBlade and with the advice of the expert Jaume Martí, director of Barbers Crew, one of the best barbershops in Madrid.

Sony Naughty DogSony Naughty Dog

A post-apocalyptic beard, you might say. His is a short boxer’s beard, “90% of the beards that are worn today”, as Jaume Martí points out. It is a easy to mimic beard that requires a little effort, cleaning and repair, but without great care in taking care of the shape. “Recommended for anyone who is looking for a beard with a natural image and who does not want or may spend a lot of time maintaining it”, adds Jaume.

To carry it out, we follow his advice: “As the beard is natural, we will use the longest guide comb” of OneBlade to “trim the entire beard to the same length and uniformly. As we do not want to make the contours very marked, what we will do next is to pass combs of shorter length as we get closer to the cheekbones to achieve an effect gradient. We will leave the mustache with the longest length that is comfortable for us “.

Philips OneBlade will take care of the rest. And beware, it’s much more than Amazon’s best-selling razor. It is an ideal tool for trimming, shaping and affecting both your beard and the hair on your body. To do this, the One Blade uses a exclusive technology, where its blades move and adapt to the contours to achieve a very fast cut and in both directions, both for and against the hair.

Adam Jensen (‘Deus Ex’ saga)

Square Enix - EIDOS MontrealSquare Enix – EIDOS Montreal

And we leave Joel, who had a lot of drama with his own (adoptive) family, to talk about the iconic protagonist of the Deus Ex saga. Okay, there is not much left of his human condition after being killed and brought back to life. But his angular beard it is, in fact, one of the characteristics that still define his humanity and his link to the past.

This variant of the short boxer beard “It gives prominence to the goatee, separating itself from the cheekbones area”. To do this, the area and the sides of the fly have been shaved “, Jaume illustrates. This is a beard indicated for long faces and people who want to mark the angles of the face more, providing that distinguished character.

To carry out such a beard “we will use the longest guide comb” of all available in the Philips OneBlade shaver “to even out the entire beard. For the contours and definition of the drawing of the goatee, we will use the shaving option. We left a mustache very defined, exposing the entire lip and leaving a goatee with very sharp angles “.

No need to worry about wetting your beard; in fact, OneBlade can be used both wet and dry, without worrying about skin irritation thanks to its rounded shield. Also includes a protector for sensitive areas.


Who does not remember the Red Cyclone, with its crest and its marked star shaved on the chest. A shape that we can emulate with Philips OneBlade and some expertise. But let’s focus on his beard, in that squared shape that is still a boxer beard but with greater length and a circular mustache. In fact, the great Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII wears one just like it.

Jaume points out that this is a suitable beard “for people looking for a more aggressive image. To achieve this look at home, we will grow the beard to a length of between 3 and 5 cm”.

After the necessary days (or weeks), with OneBlade in the profiling option, “we define a rounded mustache by reducing its width to half and we use that same option, picking up strands of the beard with the other hand and cutting some ends irregularly to give it a scruffy touch. cheekbones area and we shave the sides of the fly to highlight the beard. “And that’s it, we just need to know how to fight like him.

Activision BlizzardActivision Blizzard

And we jumped from the fighting video game to the shooter to look at Master Price, whose expertise with the rifle, along with Soap, marked us in the unrivaled ‘Modern Warfare’ saga. Price is one of the most recurring characters in the franchise for a reason.

And his beard is a “Mutton Chops with the sides of the longer mustache. That type of beard has the goatee shaved, but in this case we see a modification, leaving the goatee unshaven but shorter than the rest.” It is, in our expert’s own words, ideal “for people looking for a more classic 19th century image”. Not surprisingly, it is also possible to find it in some Dishonored characters.

And how do you get a beard like that? “To get this look at home, we grow a beard up to about 4-5 cm. With the longest guide comb, we go through the entire beard. With a shorter guide comb, we trim the goatee area. For the mustache, we let it occupy the entire area from the lip to the nose, to take advantage of its entire natural width. And finally, we go over the contours with the profiling option. “

2K Games2K Games

By the way, speaking of beards of historical brilliance, we cannot forget about Zachary Hale Comstock, the leader of The Founders and main antagonist of ‘BioShock Infinite’. What a cretin, the Prophet. But hey, what a remedy. If we want to look like him, we will have to look for a beard called Bandholz. “If it is white, better known as Santa’s beard,” says Jaume.

His beard is “appropriate for faces with little chin and those who want to give it more breadth. To achieve this look at home, we let the beard grow freely by brushing it and trim the mustache and cheekbones area with the profiling option, leaving the rest of the beard. the beard grow naturally “.

Of course, we must not forget to wash it with soap, keeping it properly clean and rinsed with fresh water to gain a certain shine effect. And, ready, you can conquer Columbia.

Sony Santa MonicaSony Santa Monica

You knew this moment was going to come, the moment of the Norse or Viking beard. Kratos put aside his old goatee to jump into a great beard, “to more rounded faces looking for a more stylized image. “Not surprisingly, his beard achieves the opposite effect: it turns out to be very triangular in the chin area.

“To achieve this look at home, we should focus on giving the beard that triangular shape by using a long guide comb to trim the beard freehand on the sides and keeping the maximum length at the peak. we will outline very defined and the mustache is outlined just above the lip. “

It is essential to shave up to the height of the lower lip, as shown in the image. It’s really easy with the Philips OneBlade. In addition, in terms of maintenance, the machine requires little effort: it is washable under the tap, the handle has an easy-grip system, a long-lasting battery that can be recharged in any socket and each blade has a approximate duration of 4 months. Your spare parts can be found in any store. Although, for added peace of mind, you can also subscribe to the automatic renewal program.

Geralt de Rivia (saga ‘The Witcher’)

Atari - CD Projekt RedAtari – CD Projekt Red

The Gray Wolf, the “witch”, the type capable of silencing any room when he arrives and the only one ready to face any type of vermin from the underworld. If there is one defining characteristic, with the permission of his two swords and his scars crossing his frosted eyes, it is his gray beard, unkempt but neat. “Known as a 3-day beard“, as Jaume points out.

It is a beard indicated for anyone who, due to his work or lifestyle, can wear this look without looking sloppy. To achieve this look at home, we will use the shorter guide comb throughout the beard and we will shave the cheekbones and neck area so that the image is not so sloppy. “Of course, the devil is in the details and the key is to look natural by being millimetrically adjusted in length and contour.

Gordon Freeman (saga ‘Half Life’)

Sierra Entertainment - ValveSierra Entertainment – Valve

And we said goodbye to the man with the lever, the scientist who had no choice but to roll up his sleeves and finish off all the vortigans. Of course, with style. And with a Full Goatee or full knob. A knob “indicated for anyone who wants to recover the look 90s and 2000s. “Bikers on one side, computer scientists on the other, this is the knob that unites us all.

And to achieve this look at home, we will need to take an intermediate guide comb from the OneBlade “to trim the entire beard to the same length. Then, with the profiling option we define the shape of the goatee that we want and with the shaving option we shave the rest of the face and outline the mustache. ” The neck, of course, should look clean. The sideburns already run to the taste of each one. Just like the desire to visit Black Mesa one more time.

This is OneBlade: your best weapon for shaving, trimming and styling any length of hair, all in one

Why the beard suits you so well: 8 video game characters who wouldn't be the same without a beard

Without a doubt, the Philips OneBlade can handle it all and is ideal no matter what style you are looking for. Mustaches, beards and knobs from the pixel world, all can be ruled under the powerful OneBlade electric blade. It is an electric blade that, thanks to the cutting head, which moves 200 times per second, allows you to achieve a complete shave, wet or dry and in any direction. One Blade trims to different lengths using its guide combs, it even allows full body shaving, all without causing cuts or irritation. And best of all, no jerks!

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