Wii U receives a new update almost ten years after its launch


It is not the first time – and surely it will not be the last – that we have witnessed a case like the one we are here to tell about today. But that doesn’t mean it’s no longer surprising. Basically, Nintendo just released, by surprise, a new update for Wii U. Indeed, your old console has received a patch corresponding to the new version 5.5.5 U.

That means that it is the first time that the console has been updated since September 2018. What does this new version bring? You will ask yourself. Well, the truth is that practically the same as that last patch: an improvement in the stability of the system and other minor adjustments.

The information, which has been echoed by NintendoLife, has been published on the official Nintendo support page. And this is what they point out regarding the patch:

“Improvements in the stability and usability of the system

Further improvements have been made to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to improve the user experience. “.

However, well-known Nintendo dataminer OatmealDome has shared additional information about this latest update. Below you can see his contribution through the tweet he has published.

As you can see, user refers As the automatic change detector report, it seems to have updated a core component of the operating system (OSv10). And according to a later message, it seems that some SSL code was changed, simply.

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Changing the subject but also talking about Wii U, remember that, currently, Nintendo Switch already has an extensive catalog of original games from that console. From Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, to the latest Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.