Will 77-year-old Joe Biden soften on China after becoming president? Will there be any effect on Indo-US relations?

US election results latest updates 2020: US presidential election Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden’s foreign and economic policies will be keenly watched in the US as well as the rest of the world. For Biden, it is believed that he has a better connection with China. Closely contested elections have shown that a large number of Americans have actually supported President Donald Trump’s America First Principle. Also Read – US Primary Election Result: Biden should not claim ‘presidential’ unfairly: Donald Trump

The 77-year-old Biden is the oldest to take over as president, whose second term is unlikely. It is also difficult to change the agenda of Trump, who is constantly criticizing the demand for examining the elections. However Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris could have adopted a more nuanced strategy, especially related to important issues such as immigration and trade. Also Read – US Presidential Election 2020: Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia, Pennsylvania, very close to victory

Foreign policy analysts said that Indo-US relations will remain unaffected. According to Pramit Pal Chaudhary, India-US relationship is bipartisan and about 90 percent of the policies will remain the same. He said, “Biden may prove to be more beneficial for India, as he is expected to take a slightly more flexible approach to immigration and trade, although Trump has given the Narendra Modi government access to defense technology while taking a tough stand on China Had. ” Also Read – US Election: Biden’s fate dependent on Pennsylvania, world eyes set on electoral outcome

Chaudhary said that India and the United States have been actively involved in the squad (group of four countries) along with Australia and Japan. Washington has provided strong and ambiguous assistance to New Delhi during the border crisis on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Sanjay Baru, a distinguished fellow of the United Service Institution of India and the Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis, told IndiaNative.com that many Democrats have expressed concern over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of the Kashmir issue and alleged treatment of minorities. He said, “Although there will be no major policy change, Modi and his team will have to work to build an equal relationship.”

Baru said that questions of human rights and treatment of minorities will come up, which India will have to deal with. Kamala Harris, who did not attend the Howdy Modi program in Houston, has been vocal on the Kashmir issue. He said in a statement last year, “We have to remind Kashmiris that they are not alone in the world. We are watching the situation. “

Shakti Sinha, director of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Policy Research and International Studies, said that Biden can adopt a soft China policy in the immediate term. He said, “We will have to wait and see. But it is possible that in the short term (in the early days) Biden will adopt a soft China policy, although ultimately Democrats will not hold the same position, especially with the recent invasion of China and human rights violations. “

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