Will Ghostwire: Tokyo have a sequel? Its director leaves the door open to return to the video game


But for now, Kenji Kimura prefers to wait for things to calm down before letting his ideas flourish.

Little more than a month has passed since the premiere of Ghostwire: Tokyo, a paranormal action video game signed by Tango Gameworks that left a good taste in the public’s mouth with its launch in PC y PS5, so much so that more than one wonders if there will be some kind of continuation. The answer has not been long in coming.

In an interview with IGN Japan, translated into English by GamesRadar, Kenji Kimura, director of Ghostwire: Tokyo, wanted to leave the door open to return to the video game, either to make a sequel as such, or directly a DLC that expands it.

“I think that once everything calms down, starting with me calming down, I will have ideas for downloadable content and sequels, and I will want to do them,” Kimura assures in his talk. Nothing has been decided yet, so I can’t tell you anything more than that,” she adds.

GhostWire: Tokyo

In this way, Kenji Kimura seems to be interested in continuing with this IP if everything ends well, but at the moment it is nothing more than a distant wish. However, it is not the first time that the creative has applied to expand the history of production. Shortly before the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Kenji Kimura was willing to work on DLC if the opportunity arose. “As developers, we always want to keep working and improving what we’ve done, so a DLC is something we want to do, but that really depends on its success and how the community reacts“.

In 3DJuegos, Tango Gameworks’ proposal was very much liked. “It’s a traditional open world game at its core, but Tango Gameworks’ setting, aesthetics and sick attention to detail elevate it as a unique and surprising adventurewhich catches you from the beginning so that you get lost in it”, we can read in the analysis of Ghostwire: Tokyo by the companion Martín Amechazurra.

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