Will it be the third time lucky for Deontay Wilder?


On Saturday, October 9, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will square off for the third time at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The first bout ended in a tie, with Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury of the UK beating the USA’s Deontay Wilder in their last fight, handing him his first professional defeat in the process.

Wilder derailed a much-anticipated all-British undisputed heavyweight title fight when he cashed in on his right to claim a trilogy fight with Fury, a move which angered many UK-based boxing promoters. The fight was originally scheduled to take place on June 24, but had to be postponed until October 9 after Tyson Fury tested positive for Covid-19.

Given the long-term effects that Covid-19 has proven to have had on many athletes, could this be Deotay Wilder’s best chance yet of triumphing over the man who handed him his first professional defeat in February 2020?

The last two fights

Tyson Fury became only the second man in 43 professional fights to go the distance with Deontay Wilder back in December 2018. Despite getting knocked down by Wilder twice, Fury got back on his feet and the fight ended in a split draw after 12 rounds.

The pair returned to Las Vegas for a rematch in February 2020, which ended in a Tyson Fury victory by TKO in the 7th round. This was Deontay Wilder’s first defeat in 44 professional fights, which was naturally a bitter pill for the Alabama native to swallow. For Fury, it marked the fairytale ending to a remarkable comeback, after he spent nearly three years out of the game due to troubles with depression, which lead to alcoholism and excessive weight gain.

Fury feeling confident he will ‘smash Deontay Wilder to bits’

Fury was brimming with confidence in his media call ahead of the fight on October 9, as reported by SportingNews.com.

Always conveyed with his unique, raw, and humorous tone, every word Tyson Fury utters makes for a compelling listen. His incredible confidence always treads a thin line that threatens to tip over into outright brazen arrogance. And yet each and every time he talks publicly, he always provides something that displays a certain sense of humility – often alluding to his recent troubles with alcoholism and depression.

He also has a knack for explaining and backing up his seemingly over-confident statements, with well-explained logic that’s put over in layman’s terms. Even when giving Wilder comic, tongue-in-cheek advice on how he could beat him the third time around, there was some sound logic.

If he’s been training as hard as he claims, and if his confidence is anything to go by, then Tyson Fury is more than ready for this fight. We went out to review the best betting sites out there and were hardly surprised to find that Fury remains the odds on favorite, with a 73% chance of beating Wilder for a second time.

Wilder feeling ‘super focussed’

As reported by ESPN at the time, Wilder picked up his option to take up the third fight back in March 2020. Naturally, the fight has faced multiple delays due to the pandemic, but will now finally go ahead on October 9.

Just like his counterpart, Wilder also spoke with the boxing media via zoom, highlighting the fact that he was ‘super focussed’ and that he simply wants to ‘beat [Fury’s] A–’. Arguably less eloquent than his adversary, but every bit as raw it’s undeniable that Wilder is looking and sounding confident ahead of the trilogy fight.

However, how much of this confidence is a facade, it’s hard to tell. Before coming up against Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder boasted a 42-0-0 professional record. The damage of that being lost clearly bruised his ego at the time, as a significant flurry of excuses came out – including that his ring entrance outfit was ‘too heavy.

All that being said, the delay of the fight due to the pandemic has afforded Wilder the time to remove himself from his first defeat, and perhaps reflect upon it more pragmatically, rather than emotionally.

Will it be third time lucky for Deontay Wilder against the Gypsy King? Find out on Saturday, October 9 in Las Vegas!


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