Will PS Plus classics have NTSC support in Europe? PlayStation responds before launch


The Japanese company is working to allow its PSX and PS2 release catalog to run at 60hz.

Today is June 23, a date marked with fire on the calendar by PlayStation in Europe for the launch of a reformulated PS Plus that, at its highest level, invites you to access a selection of classic works from its first consoles. However, according to initial information, these titles are based on their PAL versions, the prevailing encoding system in the old continent in those years. Does Sony plan to change this? The answer has not been long in coming.

“We are planning to offer NTSC options for most classic games on PlayStation Plus Premium and Deluxe in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand —places where the use of the PAL system was chosen—”, the Japanese firm announced through a brief message on Twitter, not offering more details of how that update process will be or when it will arrive, so it seems that players will initially have to play their classics in PAL.

This is a problem at a time when the bet on performance is greater than ever by the main manufacturers. And it is that, as Xataka’s colleagues explain in a special with the differences between NTSC and PAL, the second system played the contents at 50 Hz and 25 fpswhile the dominant NTSC system in the United States and part of Latin America was capable of offering an image at 60 Hz and 30 FPS, thus giving rise to a disadvantage.

PlayStation’s clarification comes on the day of the premiere of PS Plus Extra and Premium, the latter being the one that allows you to enjoy an assortment of classic PSX, PS2 and PS3 video games (through the cloud), as well as trial versions. Along with Extra, it also incorporates a catalog of the most recent releases. The most affordable level, Essential, will replace the traditional PS Plus, maintaining its commitment to offer two monthly downloadable games, exclusive discounts, and other incentives.

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