Will RB Leipzig get a second team again? Max Eberl has a clear idea


Leipzig – at his Performance had RB Leipzig’s new sports director Max Eberl (49) clearly stated that a large part of his attention will be devoted to youth work at the club. Now there are apparently the first concrete plans.

Max Eberl (49) could well imagine reintroducing a second team at RB Leipzig.

Max Eberl (49) could well imagine reintroducing a second team at RB Leipzig. © Picture Point / Roger Petzsche

At a fan conference on Wednesday evening, one of the topics was whether the Red Bulls should field a B-Elf again in the future.

“I am very much in favor of introducing a second team at RB Leipzig,” the 49-year-old is quoted as saying by “LVZ”.

“You also want to see guys from the region. The best way is to discover young players and work with them,” continued the 49-year-old.

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So will the lawn ballers soon have a second team again? In 2017, the Saxons decided to give up their Bubi team for cost reasons.

In the meantime, the club should have significantly more money up its sleeve due to the years in the Bundesliga and participation in the Champions League in order to be able to implement the idea financially. In addition, fans should be able to take out a sponsoring membership to support the youth department.

How well a second team can work is currently being demonstrated by the B-Elf SC Freiburg clearly. The Breisgauer are in the third division currently in a strong third place.

Since the leap into the first team is extremely difficult, some highly talented kickers have wanted to leave the club in recent years to gain match practice elsewhere. Sidney Raebiger (17), for example, went to SpVgg Greuther Fürth, while Hugo Novoa (20) only joined FC Basel in winter.

With a second team that might play in the third division, such talents could also play professional games at a good level without having to leave Leipzig. It is difficult to imagine that Eberl’s idea will not be well received because of this.

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