Will there be a continuation for Prior to Nightfall? Julie Delpy does no longer give excellent information concerning the fourth and long-awaited movie


It is likely one of the maximum curious reports in cinema and 3 of the best quality romantic movies in historical past. It began with Prior to crack of dawn in 1994, it used to be repeated 9 years later with Prior to sundown and, as though it had grow to be a ritual, 9 years later with Prior to dusk. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, along side the director of the flicks Richard Linklater, marked many audience with their manner of coming near the lifestyles and reunions of this couple.

Subsequently, it’s commonplace that all of us wish to know the way the tale continues, and the 9 years after the premiere of Prior to Dusk will be the subsequent yr 2022. Smartly, despite the fact that Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater had lately showed their passion in making the fourth supply, it’s been Julie Delpy (who performs Céline within the 3 movies) who has cleared the doubts: it does not appear to be there will likely be a fourth film.

It used to be in a commentary made to the Selection medium the place, qualifying some first knowledge that confident that it were she who had refused to take part in a brand new movie, she has indicated that it’s been a unanimous choice. Ethan Hawke, Richard Linklater and Julie Delpy, in step with herself, didn’t discover a sufficient concept to proceed the tale of those two characters and due to this fact made up our minds, after all, to not get started the undertaking.

“The 3 folks agreed that we could not do any such excellent factor [como las anteriores películas] for 1 / 4. It is that simple. We do not battle. (…) We simply did not get a hold of a good suggestion “

The actress confesses that the 3 movies had been “the 3 absolute best reports“in their lifestyles, and that no longer discovering some extent of union to do one thing on the top triggered this choice. Higher to not do the rest than to do one thing they don’t seem to be pleased with, he says.

“We at all times promised ourselves that we would not pressure the location. If we could not to find an concept… why pressure it and make a foul fourth film as an alternative of leaving a excellent trilogy?”

With those statements we will suppose that we may not see a sequel to Prior to Nightfall, or a minimum of no longer in the time-frame that lovers can have expected. Who is aware of what might occur one day.

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Prior to Daybreak, Prior to Sundown and Prior to Sundown are 3 bold and extremely authentic movies, the place the primary actors themselves shape an very important a part of the development of the characters, the dialogues and the script. An overly fascinating inventive procedure that has dragged on for many years and turns out to have discovered its finish.