Will we have Street Fighter 6 this year? Capcom presents the logo of the 35th anniversary of the fighting saga


The Japanese company has shared the design on social networks to celebrate the event.

It’s been six years since we had Street Fighter V, the last video game of the saga Street Fighter which brought back Capcom’s most characteristic fights. Now into 2022, fans of the fighting genre expect news in this regard, with a possible sixth installment that seems to be part of the company’s plans for this year.

All this is enhanced by the fact that in 2022 the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter, a notable event for which we could expect big announcements in the coming months. To whet your appetite, Capcom itself has announced the logo corresponding to the celebration through its official social networks. You can see it below:

The original was released in the summer of 1987The original was released in the summer of 1987 on arcade machines, so we could expect news around that time. These are, for the moment, unknown, so things like compilations of previous titles or even products related to the franchise that do not have to do directly with video games. However, what all fans are hoping for is a future Street Fighter 6 that, seeing all the time that has passed since the fifth installment, it would not be strange at all. We know, yes, that they have a project in hand, but we cannot confirm that it is the new numbered installment.

Let us remember that, although there is no official announcement that will make us wait for it this year, Toni Piedrabuena placed this possible sixth installment among the most anticipated games of 2022. A list made by the entire 3DJuegos team, where each one chose a protagonist for this year , with great names such as Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy or Starfield among the most repeated.

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