Win Double on Red Dead Online Featured Series & More This Week


If you regularly play Red Dead Online, but you have been offline for a few days, today we will give you reasons to return to the ring. And is that Rockstar Games has announced that we can win double in the featured series this week. And that includes an extreme version of “most wanted.”

In addition, other new features have also been added to the online – and now independent – mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. That way, you will find rewards and bonuses for collectors, elimination of level requirements, free fast travel and much more. Keep reading and we will tell you all the news.

As reported via the Official Rockstar Blog, this week’s Featured Series is an extreme version of ‘Most Wanted’, and the rules are simple: you will have to kill or be killed, and your value will increase as you move up the ranks. marker. Eliminate the most valuable players to make your way to the top. Whether you win or lose, the featured series offers double RDO $ and EXP to all participants until March 8.

In terms of bonuses, it has been confirmed that discovering a collectible (except the condor egg) in Free Roam will grant double RPG EXP this week. Additionally, all Free Roam collector events offer 50% more RDO $, as well as additional character and role EXP.

Finally, you should know that fencers in all territories are temporarily raising the level requirements on the weapons they sell, such as throwing knives, machetes, dynamite, incendiary bottles, hatchets, machetes, and tomahawks. Also, for the next 7 days there are no level restrictions on brochures (up to level 50).

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And as is often the case in GTA Online, Red Dead Online players who link their Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming Social Club accounts will receive these rewards:

  • A free bounty hunter license
  • The Amethyst Ornate Skin for the Bounty Hunter Chariot

Additionally, players who link their account to Prime Gaming through March 15 will earn 5,000 Club XP, a 50% discount on the repeating shotgun, and 200 shotgun slots.