Wind Breaker Chapter 480 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Wind Breaker Chapter 480 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Many people all over the world love the South Korean manga series Wind Breaker, which was written by Yongseok Jo. There are fans of Wind Breaker Chapter 480 who can’t wait for each new chapter.

Wind Breaker is a fun manhwa that is about the exciting world of street racing as well as the complicated life of high school. Yongseok Jo wrote the story about Jay, a normal high school student who discovers his talent for bike races.

Jay has to deal with the problems of company, competition, and finding out who he is as he gets deeper into the secret racing scene. The series expertly mixes heart-pounding racing scenes with interesting character growth, giving readers an exciting and emotionally powerful experience.

Wind Breaker shines out not only because of its powerful art but also because it captures the spirit of desire and drive to follow one’s dreams.

Wind Breaker Chapter 480 Release Date:

Wind Breaker Chapter 480 will shortly be out on screens, ending everyone’s eagerness for the next chapter. Yes, you did read that right! Chapter 480 of The Wind Breaker will come out this week, on January 14, 2024.

So, what are you really waiting for? So make sure your alarms and notes go off at the right times for the next part of Locked Up. It will bring a lot of new drama as well as excitement to the story.

Wind Breaker Chapter 480 Storyline:

As they get ready, the Monsters Team and some squads that were kicked out become visible. The shark guy, who is their boss, calls out to Monster and says, “I’m here to cheer you on, so you better win!”

Get ready, everyone! The speaker says: People start to cheer for the Monster Crew. Then the Asura Crew as well as their boss, “the duck guy,” show up to observe the finals. One member of the manga team asks, “Was the red hair from that team?”

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Someone else asks, What happened? When the initial person says, No, the hummingbird, It was Vinny’s fate, and now he is a real Akatsuki. The guy in glasses who is in charge of the Manga Crew says this.

The Tarantula Crew additionally stands up and says, It’s finally starting. Who do you think will win? We might have been there if we were still alive. Then they say, I guess Yumi won’t be coming after all. Should we call her?

Then someone yells, “Hello, League of the Street lovers who have been waiting!” It’s back at last! We’re going to talk about the four teams that made it to the finals. The initial team, the Hummingbird Crew, is going fast through the city on their fierce wings!

The second team is the Monster Crew. Their job is to be the monster-like engine that can do anything for people. The Ghost Crew is the third team. They are a group of ghosts who patrol the dark streets. The fourth group is known as the Sabbath Crew, and their members are very good at hunting riders.

The Tarantula Crew asks Vinny? when the Crew of the Sabbath comes up. What’s his point? He wasn’t on the Hummingbird team, Red Eye. Some other people ask.

Why did you switch groups? I will not be penning the manga character’s lines because they caused me to cringe. Dom then tells Vinny, “You did it.” There’s a problem, says Shelly. Jay then says, “Let’s just think about ourselves.”

The narrator then says, “Let’s talk about how we’ll set up the next match.” There will be one person from each team at the pointing match. There will be four competitors, and the winner gets to pick which competitors he meets next, as well as the time and place.

The winner got to choose where and which team to play. That shark person says, “This is a great edge that will help you win.” Wooden says, “Pick the weak team first, then attack them. It’s okay to take your time getting up.”

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Vinny tells him: It doesn’t matter to me; I’ll beat any team as well as move up, Hwangchoi says. No way, I’m determined to win and have the privilege to choose the next team and position. I want to beat some jerks first.

Dom says, “You can pick.” Let’s mess up the Sabbath first, if you think that sounds fun. Someone shouts, “Let’s pick each team member now!” To play, just press the button that people from every team give you when the crew movie for their team comes up on the screen.

Then the crew randomly selects everyone! June says It’s not our turn yet, so don’t press it. Dom tells Jay, “Press; it’s up to you.” Gong from the initial show coming out, Monsters Crew, was picked.

Joker is chosen for the next group, the Sabbath Crew. Everyone in the group is shamed and upset, and Hyuk says, “I’m going to take a nap.”

After that, the Hummingbird selects June to join, and then the Ghost Crew does the same. Everyone on the Hummingbird team was shocked, as well as June, who walked off, saying, “Fuck sake.”

Where To Read Wind Breaker Chapter 480:

Webtoon is the best place to find Wind Breaker Chapter 480 if you want to read it right away. This exciting manhwa is easy to find on Webtoon. It has a unique story and interesting characters.

The app allows fans to easily and quickly read the latest chapters and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of WindBreaker. You can read this famous comic series on Webtoon and enjoy the drama and excitement as it unfolds.

Wind Breaker Chapter 479 Recap:

Since Jae-Hyun has returned to his hometown, he is now responsible for making peace between Jack and his old group. A new secret has been revealed, potentially leading to a different direction or a deeper exploration of the story.

That being said, the street bike race that starts within Chapter 479 of Wind Breaker will end up being the main event. There hasn’t been any news about Jae Hyun for a long time because the sports show has been focusing on minor characters for so long.

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Once that side task was over, a few chapters later, Jae, on the other hand, became the center of attention again. A new event started getting a lot of attention almost as soon as he got back to Korea, which is another intriguing aspect.

While a sports show can’t be without drama, we’re about to find out a new family secret that has to do with Jae. Even though they accepted this fact for a long time, the reporter’s questioning made them change their minds.

Since this event, the family has encountered a new, challenging situation directly linked to a previously resolved problem. It started to rain in a way that was unprecedented before this season, when Jae left. It looked like the MC was getting ready for the task.

But Jae just hid in a corner and let the thing fall on top of him. He had no idea that it would make him sick. We talked for a short time before his old friend left after giving him a temporary place to stay. He had come to protect him.

This is followed by a message sent to the whole group of riders, telling them that the new spot has been chosen and telling everyone to get ready. More than just Jae and his friend looked at the notice. Dom Kang, Choi Hwangyeon, and Shelly were also seen doing the same thing.

The first two people were very interested in what was going on, but the third individual had a blank look on her face.

Wind Breaker Chapter 480 Trailer Release:

Wind Breaker Chapter 480 Raw Scan Release Date:

Fans of the famous comic series Wind Breaker can’t wait for Chapter 480 to come out. So, we can expect to be able to get the raw scans of Chapter 480 before January 11, 2024.