Wind Breaker Chapter 481 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Wind Breaker Chapter 481 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Many people all over the world love the South Korean manhwa series Wind Breaker, which was written by Yongseok Jo. There are fans of Wind Breaker Chapter 481 who can’t wait for the next chapter.

One of the most well-known manhwa stories within the world right now is Wind Breaker. The story is about Jay Kaneshiro Kazuma, who is head of his school and a very good extreme biker. He races bikes with his team, the Kazuma Squad, against other schools in different events.

Fans can’t wait for the next part of Wind Breaker, in which Jay goes up against Kaneshiro, a foe who has been beating him in each race so far. The amazing move Jay did in chapter 480 was to copy Kaneshiro’s famous Bunny Hop. This made her opponents lose their balance, which gave her a chance to catch up.

Book lovers who like the Manhwa series should keep reading. You’ll have all the information you need about Wind Breaker Chapter 480 by the time you’re done, including when it came out, reviews, the story, and the latest news.

Wind Breaker Chapter 481 Release Date:

Wind Breaker Chapter 481 is about to come out on screens, ending everyone’s eagerness for the next chapter. Yes, you did read that right! Chapter 481 of The Wind Breaker will come out this week, on January 21, 2024.

So, what are you really waiting for? So make sure your alarms and notes go off at the right times for the next part of Locked Up. It will bring a lot of new drama as well as excitement to the story.

Wind Breaker Chapter 481 Storyline:

For the sake of not giving away anything that will ruin your pleasure of Wind Breaker Chapter 481, please do not read this part. But if you want to know what will happen next, here is a quick rundown of what we know so far.

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Kaneshiro told them about her secret weapon: a gadget that could mess up Jay’s bike’s signal to make it not work. When she turned it on, Jay’s bike began to slide out of control.

Jay knew Kaneshiro was lying and tried to stop the impact of the device. She was strong-willed and skilled to keep her speed and balance.
Kaneshiro was startled to see Jay still ready to ride even though she was in the way. She chose to make the gadget stronger so that Jay’s bike would blow up.

Jay knew something was wrong and jumped off her bike quickly before it blew up. She hit the ground as well as rolled to get away from the falling things. Kaneshiro smiled happily because she thought she had won. She was almost done when she heard a loud roar beneath her.

Jay didn’t give up. She got another bike from a close fan and was now after Kaneshiro. For sure, she was going to prevail in the race the right way.

Kaneshiro was shocked when Jay came back. She rushed to get there faster, yet it was already too late. She was about to be passed by Jay, who had caught up to her.

There was a cliffhanger at the end of the chapter, with Jay and Kaneshiro standing next to each other, just inches from their goal. The race is on. Who will win? Does Jay really ride a bike better than anyone else? Or will Kaneshiro’s dirty tricks help her win?

Where To Read Wind Breaker Chapter 481:

People are interested in Wind Breaker because it is an exciting manhwa alongside a unique story and interesting characters. Webtoon is the best place to read this exciting manhwa.

There are many types of manhwa on this website, making it a great spot for people who such as them. It’s easy to look up Wind Breaker as well as read some free stories here.

Wind Breaker Chapter 481 Recap:

Monster’s team is also there getting ready, and we can see teams that were kicked out, such as the Trident Crew. The shark guy, who is their boss, calls out to Monster, “I’m here to cheer you on, so you better win!”

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Get ready, everyone! The speaker says. People start to cheer for the Monster Crew. Then, the Asura Crew as well as their boss show up to watch the finals. One member of the manga team asks, “Was the red hair from that team?”

Someone else asks, “What happened?” when the initial person says, “No, the hummingbird,” He tried to avoid his fate, but he failed. Now Vinny is a real Akatsuki! The leader of the Manga Crew says this.

The Tarantula Crew additionally stands up and says, “It’s finally starting.” Who do you think will win? We could be there if we were still alive. Then they say, “I guess Yumi won’t be coming after all. Should we call her?”

Then someone yells, “Hello, League of the Street fans who have been waiting!” It’s back at last! We need to talk regarding the four teams who made it to the playoffs! The initial team, Hummingbird Crew, is going fast through the city on their fierce wings!

The second team is Monster Crew. They are the engines that look like monsters and can do a lot more than people can. The Ghost Crew is the third team. They are a group of ghosts who patrol the dark streets. The fourth group is known as the Sabbath Crew, and they are very good at hunting riders.

The Tarantula Crew asks Vinny? when the Crew of the Sabbath comes up. What’s his point? Red eye, wasn’t he on the Hummingbirds? Some other people ask. Why did you switch groups? Dom then tells Vinny, “You did it.” There’s a problem, says Shelly. Jay then says, “Let’s just think about ourselves.”

The narrator then says, “Let’s talk about how we’ll set up the next match.” There will be one person from each team at the Pointing match. There will be four competitors, as well as the winner gets to pick which competitors he meets next, as well as the time and place.

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The winner gets to choose where and which team to play. That shark person says, “This is a great edge that will help you win.” Wooden says, “Pick the weak team first, then attack them. It’s okay to take your time getting better.”

What Vinny tells him It doesn’t matter to me; I’ll beat any team as well as move up, Hwangchoi says. Don’t bother me, I’ll win and pick the next team as well as spot. I want to beat some jerks first.

Dom says, “You can pick.” Let’s mess up the Sabbath first if you think that sounds fun. Someone shouts, “Let’s pick each team member now!” There aren’t many rules. When the crew film for each team comes up on the monitor, just press the button that people from that team throw at you. Then everyone is picked at random!

June says It’s not our turn yet, so don’t press it. Dom tells Jay, “Press well; it’s up to you.” There is only one show so far, as well as Gong from that show was picked. The next group is the Sabbath Crew, and Joker is picked. Everyone on the group is shamed and upset, and Hyuk says, “I’m going to take a nap.”

After that, the Hummingbird picks June to join, and then the Ghost Crew does the same. Everyone on the Hummingbird team is astonished and June walks off, saying, “Fuck sake.”

Wind Breaker Chapter 481 Trailer Release:

Wind Breaker Chapter 481 Raw Scan Release Date:

On January 24, 2024, the raw picture for Wind Breaker Chapter 481 should be made public. Fans will be able to get the first details about the chapter from the raw scan, which will have the full Korean text as well as images.