Windows 10 and 11 downloads are blocked in Russia. Microsoft has not yet clarified why


Downloads of the latest versions of Windows have ground to a halt in Russia. Specifically, during the last few days, Russian Windows users began to notice that could not download Windows 10 and 11 from the company’s website. However, Microsoft has not publicly clarified why this is happening.

It must be remembered that one of Ukraine’s requests since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of its territory was to ask software companies to stop offering updates and thus leave systems insecure. As users we are well aware of the need to update software versions to keep our data safe. But at the same time, the Kremlin has opted for free software.

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From Genbeta we have contacted Microsoft Spain to find out what could be happening and we will update this information when we receive a response. Gizmodo has posted that it has also contacted the company to find out what has happened to its Windows updates in Russia.

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Error 404

At the moment, it is known that users who tried to get Microsoft programs or operating system updates were met with an error message: “404 – File or directory not found“. Many were the users who shared this on Twitter.

TASS, Russia’s state media company, also attempted to download the shows and was only able to do so using a VPN with servers located outside of Russia.

BleepingComputer says that it tested Windows downloads using a VPN server located in Russia and found that downloads of the affected programs were similarly blocked. It is not clear if Microsoft is intentionally blocking these downloads or if there is some kind of technical problem causing this.

It must be remembered that in recent months, many companies have withdrawn their services from Russia in protest of the invasion of Ukraine in February. In March, Microsoft suspended the sale of new products in the country, announcing that it intended to “condemn Russia’s unwarranted, unprovoked and illegal invasion.” The company has also announced its plans to reduce its business operations in the country, which will probably involve the dismissal of some 400 people. Redmond’s has also fought malware and cyber spies from Russia.


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