With Viewing On Multiple Platforms, Golden Bachelor Hits A Three-Year High For The Franchise


With Viewing On Multiple Platforms, Golden Bachelor Hits A Three-Year High For The Franchise:

After a good first episode, interest in The Golden Bachelor kept growing over the next few days, bringing the total number of watchers to a three-year high for the Bachelor series.

After three days of cross-platform watching, the number of people who watched the Sept. 28 premiere rose to 7.7 million, which is 3.34 million more than the number of people who watched it on TV. The episode’s rating among adults 18–49 went from 0.62 when it was first shown to 1.9 shortly after three days.

This answer will come Thursday, when the first episode of “The Golden Bachelor” airs. In this show, a retired restaurant owner and loving grandpa meets 22 women between the ages of 60 and 75 at the famous Bachelor Mansion.

Producers Of “The Bachelor,” Which Has Been On The Air For 27 Seasons Since 2002, Wanted To Give The Show New Life And A Twist.

That will come with Turner, a “hopeless romantic” in his golden years who has blue eyes and is 6 feet 1 inches tall. The show’s newcomer says that the best advice came from the initial “Bachelorette,” Trista Sutter, who is 50 and has been married to Ryan Sutter for 19 years.

Since an episode of The Bachelorette’s 16th season aired in November 2020, this was the most people who watched in three days of any Bachelor show. In the 18–49 age group, it’s the best performance for the series since March 2022, when “After the Final Rose” followed season 26 of “The Bachelor.”

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ABC also says that the premiere got the equal of 1.76 million full showings on Hulu, which is the most for a series opening of an ABC show upon the site in three days.

What’s Roberta Zaktzer’s Name?

Ellen’s best friend is Roberta Zaktzer, and the two of them utilized to watch The Bachelor as well as The Bachelorette together all the time. Ellen as well as Roberta were close companions for 60 years, as well as we’re devoted followers of the series.

In a short film that introduces Ellen, the contestant sits with her friend Roberta, who was at the time fighting breast cancer. As they talk about the new season, she provides her a kiss on the face.

Ellen told Gerry, “It’s been hard,” and then she told him that Roberta was the one who pushed her to go upon the show within the first place. During a one-on-one chat, Ellen told the camera that she had “the most wonderful day of my life in a long time” before saying, “Roberta, he’s a hunk!”

What Makes The Golden Bachelor Different?

Same house, same roses. It’s the exact same “Bachelor” idea. But each episode of the show, which is hosted through former “Bachelor” Jesse Palmer, only lasts an hour. And the 23 people who are taking part have a lot more life experience.

In the first episode, Turner meets all 22 candidates in one long session. Among them are Patty James, the mother of Season 25 Bachelor Matt James, who is 70, and Faith, a high school teacher who is 60 and arrives on a motorcycle.

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Turner is proud of the fact that he puts upon his hearing aid in a suit in an early scene. Turner says, “I do not want anyone to feel even a little bit ashamed if they act like they’re 70.”

“I have no concern if individuals notice that I wear a hearing aid. I have to have it. I have no fear about putting it on show.” The main idea of the show is that people of all ages can find happiness.

Turner says, “Just because you’re a certain age does not imply you’ve lost your vitality, energy, or positive outlook on life.” “The women in the household kept telling me the same thing over and over again when we talked.”