Woman accuses husband of bizarre allegations – why doesn’t he fight me, divorce me


Uttar Pradesh: A bizarre incident has come to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal district, in which a Muslim woman has sought divorce from her husband on the grounds that he does not fight with her. The woman has approached the Sharia court for divorce after 18 months of her marriage. The woman has told that her husband’s love for her was ‘suffocating’. Now she wants a divorce. Also Read – UP: SDM rained poles on people, CM Yogi immediately suspended when this video came out

The woman said, “He has never shouted at me nor has he ever harassed me on any issue.” He cooks for me and also helps me do the housework. ” Also Read – OMG! School was opening daily here, children were studying in class, government shocked, these orders …

He continued, “Whenever I make a mistake, he always forgives me. I wanted to argue with him, but he would not argue with me. I don’t need a life where the husband agrees for everything. ” Also Read – Example: The pradhan of this village took a unique initiative, not a single grain of grain goes to waste, being praised

The cleric of the Sharia court has deliberately rejected his petition for divorce. When the Sharia court refused to divorce her, the woman took up the matter with the local panchayat, who expressed her inability to settle the issue.

Meanwhile, the woman’s husband said that he loved his wife immensely and always wanted to keep her happy. He has also requested the Sharia court to return the case. The court has now asked this couple to resolve the matter mutually.


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