Woman of the Dead Season 2 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled?


An Austrian criminal mystery series called Lady of the Dead demonstrates how far a woman can go to get vengeance when her spouse passes away. Also, it demonstrates the constant struggle between good and evil within each of us. It is based on Bernhard Aichner’s novel series of the same name.

While Undertaker Blum deals with death every day, she is horrified and enraged when her husband is slain. She is a devoted mother and wife who would do everything for her family, but she is also a vicious predator. This article will cover a variety of topics, including the question of whether Woman of the Dead will receive a second season.

Will there be a season 2 of Woman of the Dead?

There has not yet been any news on the possibility of a second season for the show. Nonetheless, Lady of the Dead has two factors working in its favor.

First of all, the series has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers as of late, as seen by its 19 scores on Rotten Tomatoes and 95% Audience Score. Another item to note is that the series’ ranking on IMDb has increased; it is now 178th overall, up from 3,311. On IMDb, it has a rating of 6.8 out of 10. (965 ratings). So, word of mouth is beginning to spread and more people will start to watch the series.

The fact that Lady of the Dead is the first of a trilogy of three novels gives it another advantage. House of the Dead (Totenhaus) and Ecstasy of the Dead are the other two works that have been translated into English (Totenrausch). So now you know the gist of what season 2 might look like in terms of writing. Also, you might immediately start a new season as a result of it. Hence, taking these two elements into account, season two may be rather appealing for Netflix.

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What is Woman of the Dead about?

In the series, Brunhilde Blum (Anna Maria Mühe), an undertaker in a tiny Austrian mountain village, begins her own independent investigation into her husband’s death. She exposes the little town’s filthy, nasty layers throughout this procedure, putting herself in a hazardous situation. The six episodes of the show, which starred Anna Maria Mühe as Brunhilde Blum, Felix Klare as Herr Blum, and Yousef Joe Sweid as Reza Shadid, were all directed by Nicolai Rohde.

Woman of the Dead Season 1 Ending Explained

In a surprising turn, the conclusion of Lady of the Dead reveals that Massimo, Mark’s police partner and the fifth member of the gang, struck him. The men’s group had always looked on him to carry out the murder since he was aware of Mark’s probe.

He just carried out what he has always done for them, killing those they have wished to see die since they were little. Blum is attacked by him, and he brings her to the location where the girls were taken, but Reza intervenes and kills him. That is done. Blum murdered her husband’s killers, all five of them.

The FBI is investigating her. As Blum was the last person to see Schoenborn and Jaunig alive, she is a suspect. It won’t be long before the cops find out what occurred since her blood is also in Puch’s kitchen. But, Woman of the Dead’s climax reveals how Blum manages to rescue herself: she visits Johanna Schoenborn and informs her that she is the owner of the film that was discovered in Edwin’s studio and which documents the actions of the other guys.

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Woman of the Dead Season 2: can the plot continue?

Everyone is now wondering whether there will be a second season of Lady of the Dead and what will happen following the first season’s storyline summary we just read. The response is “yes.” Absolutely, a Season 2 is unquestionably feasible for one single reason: Bernhard Aichner’s novel Woman of the Dead (Totenfrau in German) is really the first of a trilogy that also contains the books Totenhaus and Totenrausch (which could be translated in English as House of the Dead and Ecstasy of the Dead). Blum serves as the protagonist in each book in the trilogy.

The police discover the dismembered remains of one of the men slain by Blum during an exhumation at an Innsbruck cemetery at the beginning of the follow-up to Woman of the Dead, Totenhaus. As the only person who might have concealed such components in the coffin, they quickly suspect Blum, the undertaker. The second novel in the trilogy, however, is about “a hotel that has been deserted for twenty years; a murderess on the run; a loving mother who must leave her children behind,” as the book cover suggests.

The cast of Woman of the Dead Season 2

The cast of Lady of the Dead is incredibly intriguing, and they all gave their finest performances in every episode of season 2. The crowd is already anticipating their return in Lady of the Dead’s next season. Several former cast members will make appearances in this new season, along with a few fresh faces.

  • Anna Maria Mühe as Brunhilde Blum
  • Reza Shadid as Yousef Sweid
  • Herr Blum, played by Felix Klare
  • Romina Küper as Dunja
  • Simon Schwarz as Pfarrer Jaunig
  • Gregor Bloéb as Bertl Puch
  • Robert Palfrader as Wilhelm Danzberger
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Woman of the Dead Series Ratings

Because of its original plot, the personalities and performances of the cast members, and several great ratings and reviews from viewers, Woman of the Dead has become even better. The average IMDb rating for the series Lady of the Dead is 6.8/10, while other websites like Leisurebyte have given it a 2/5 rating. On the Ready Steady Cut website, it gets a 4/5 rating, with almost 94% of google users saying they enjoyed viewing the show Lady of the Dead.

Woman of the Dead Season 2 Potential Release Date

The series already includes a book that could be turned into a screenplay, as I said above. You should expect a turnaround that is significantly faster than you would generally experience as a result. Also, a group of writers for the series worked on the first book, so if we receive the renewal, they can rapidly return to the drawing board to create season two.

With all of that stated, the release of season two on Netflix may occur in early 2024. We will keep you informed if there are any alterations or additions to the season two announcement for the show.

How Many Episodes Will be there in Woman of the Dead Season 2?

Six episodes made up Lady of the Dead’s first season, which ended quickly. The first season’s remaining episodes were anticipated by the viewers. The second season of Lady of the Dead has fans wondering how many episodes there will be. At least 6 episodes will make up the next season of Lady of the Dead, with season 2 perhaps adding a few more.