Woman Was Duped By A Fake Stranger Things Star Named Dacre Montgomery And Gave Him $10,000


Woman Was Duped By A Fake Stranger Things Star Named Dacre Montgomery And Gave Him $10,000:

“The day before the fourth season came out, he texted me and said, “Hey, you’re going to have to catch Episode 4.” When it came out the following morning, he was in that episode, so I was like, “Well, who else would know that?”

A single mom says her life turned completely upside down after a scammer told her he was Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery.

McKayla Gave Scammer $10,000:

McKayla from Kentucky said that she dumped her husband for “Montgomery” shortly after meeting him on an online site for creatives. She also said that she sent the scammer about $10,000.

“They got along, but of course I was suspicious from the start until he did things that made me believe he was who he said he was,” she told a YouTube show called Catfished.

She said that the actor who played Billy Hargrove on the Netflix hit, “Montgomery,” informed her that he as well as his model girlfriend Liv Pollock were about to break up because Pollock was too demanding.

McKayla Didn’t Like Being Married:

McKayla was in a bad marriage with a “toxic” partner. “My ex-husband was like that,” she said. As “Montgomery,” the con artist told her that Pollock ran his bank accounts, so she gave him money for more than a year.

“I’m really excited to meet other directors who love the art of making movies as much as I do. I’m looking for creative ways to work together right now, and I think that together we can make something really amazing,” she wrote upon the site.

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Later, a person named “DK MH” sent her a message saying he wanted to talk. He said he was “well-known actor” Dacre Montgomery, who starred Billy Hargrove on “Stranger Things.”

The Con Artist Gave Specific Details About The Fourth Episode Of Stranger Things Because Of This, McKayla Was Sure:

The single mom said she was sure the fake was Montgomery because they told her to watch Stranger Things season 4, especially the “Dear Billy” episode where Montgomery’s character came back, the night before the new episodes came out.

“And he showed up during that episode,” McKayla said. I thought, someone else would have known that? The con artist was also going to send her poems that were written in the same way as Montgomery’s DKMH Poems, a collection of poems that will be published in 2020.

“I can’t stop watching ‘Stranger Things,’ and Billy is such a jerk. He comes in and wants to take over, which is not at all how he is in real life.

Even though they never met within person, McKayla says that “Montgomery” always told her regarding his relationship problems, even though they had never met.

The Con Man Said That All Of His Bank Accounts Are Run By His Girlfriend Liv I Need Money Because Of This, So McKayla Sent Him $10,000:

Some of these problems were caused by the fact that his lover, Liv Pollock, had power over all of his bank accounts as well as was having money problems, so McKayla sent “Montgomery” $10,000 over time.

“That’s something we actually had in common, and after a few weeks of dating, he was complaining to me about his girlfriend, saying that she’s very controlling and doesn’t let him do the things he would like to do. She’s always there and has to keep an eye on him.”

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McKayla said, “If you’re such as me, you have a fear of being left alone, you’re a people-pleaser, as well as you’re very dependent on other people.” “These con artists just come in and take advantage of that.”

McKayla’s Video Was Seen By More Than 600,000 People:

EW asked Montgomery’s representatives for their thoughts, but they did not respond right away. In the fourth installment of the sci-fi show, which is split into two parts, an alien named Vecna causes trouble in the town of Hawkins.

Eleven also works to get her skills back, and Joyce goes to Russia to look for Hopper. The fifth and last season has not yet been given a release date.

Catfished made a video about McKayla’s experience, which has been watched nearly 600,000 times. The video says that the story started when McKayla join an online art group to meet other artists.

Also, The Fraudster Sent Her More Songs That She Thought Were Written In Montgomery’s Style:

McKayla said that she really thought she was talking to Montgomery because he knew things about upcoming episodes of Stranger Things which would turn out to be true when the episodes aired.

McKayla also said that she was sure because after she bought Montgomery’s book, DKMH: Poems through Dacre Montgomery, the scammer sent her more poems that she thought were written in the same style as Montgomery’s.