Wonderful: 65-year-old woman gave birth to eight children in 13 months, will be shocked to know


Birth Scam Bihar: A peculiar case has come to light in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, knowing that you will be forced to think. An elderly 65-year-old woman has given birth to eight children within 13 months, not shocked to hear… So this is the case of embezzling government funds. Not only this, watch the scandal that another woman has been told to give birth to a child twice in a day. This is a unique case of scam – of fraud in the National Health Mission in Muzaffarpur. Also Read – VIDEO: On the middle road, the husband publicly cut his wife’s neck, reached the police station and spoke and killed her.

In this peculiar fraud, it has been found that under the National Health Mission, in the bank account of Shanti Devi, who has passed 65 years of Chhoti Kothia village of Mushehari block of the district, she was sent a sum of Rs. While going, Shanti has not given birth to any child in 20 years and an amount of Rs 1400 has been sent to her account six times during the 13 months from July 3 to August 3. Also Read – Bihar: Security Guard shot dead outside ATM, looted Rs 18 lakh

This amount came into his account and he does not know about it. The amount was withdrawn from the account of Shanti Devi, who gave birth to eight children, the next day after being credited. Whereas the woman did not give birth to any child. Also Read – Bihar: Day robbers looted Rs 10 lakh from Union Bank in Vaishali, money looted from customers

One such case has been found in the case of a woman named Leela Devi, whose account was also withdrawn eight times during the 13 months by sending the amount of Rs. 1400 of the National Health Mission and the woman was not even aware of it. It is even more leela about Leela Devi that according to the papers she has given birth to the child at the primary health center of Mushahari once or twice a day, sometimes on a few months interval.

Leela Devi told that when she got information about the scam, she had informed the local bank’s local CSP director Sushil Kumar. Chandrajit Kumar, the bank manager of State Bank Mushahari, said that the occurrence of money coming into the same bank accounts of the same scheme repeatedly is surprising. He said that action is being taken on receiving the complaint.


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