Wonderful: The wallet was lost 14 years ago, the police called and said come and take it


Mumbai: If someone’s wallet is found safe after 14 years, then his happiness cannot be estimated. The same happened with a person from Mumbai, whose wallet was stolen by someone while traveling on a local train 14 years ago. He searched a lot but could not find the wallet. Surprised – He had given an application to the police station and was satisfied to know that he would not get it now. But when he got a call from the police station to come and get the wallet, after so many days, he was so happy to see his wallet that he kept saying thanks to the police. Also Read – Mumbai Mega Block Today: Local trains of all lines will be affected, services will be suspended between this time

The incident is of 2006 when Hemant Padalkar boarded a local train from Shivaji Terminus in Panwal local train while traveling in a local train in Mumbai. He lodged a complaint with the resident railway police station. When the police investigated, the wallet was found. But the police could not find the address of the complainant, due to which the wallet could not be transported to him. Also Read – Bridge falls on railway track amidst rain in Mumbai, many trains affected

Vishnu Kesalkar, an officer of the resident railway police station, said that after receiving the application at the police station, we caught the thief and then searched for the owner of the wallet. If he was not found, the wallet was kept. The search continued and then after 14 years, when he was found, the wallet was handed over to him. Also Read – Mumbai local trains affected due to student agitation | Outcry in Mumbai: Students sitting on local railway track, many trains canceled in order to demand jobs


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