Wonder’s Eternals would have a “separate universe”


Cautious: This information does now not imply that we expect that The Eternals is probably not from the Wonder Cinematic Universe: they do belong to it, and as such, they’ve been incorporated within the Segment 4 trailer.

However we do additionally know that in its starting placeThey’re characters that they didn’t plan to position into the primary plot of the Avengers and the like.

The Eternals They have got a selected tale, which to start with used to be now not going to be related to the Wonder setting. Jack Kirby, its author, made up our minds to have independence in relation to content material, despite the fact that later, the nature of Sersi had its position within the Avengers. Alternatively, within the Wonder Cinematic Universe, this is an engaging professional: The Eternals were combined with humanity since its inception (its arrival is dated to the time of the Incas), so it is likely one of the teams whose absence all the way through the occasions of the step 3 (the combat of the Infinity Stones) could not be defined obviously, except they manipulate the script in some extra method.

The end result: despite the fact that some point out will also be manufactured from the UCM that we already know, the Eternals most definitely transfer in a distinct realm, and that’s that during itself, their cosmic nature distances them from different productions set in outer house (see Guardians of the Galaxy). In fact: the hyperlink with the prevailing characters is apparent: within the comics, they ended up hooked up with Thor. And on this section, we have now Thor: Love & Thunder. The field opens to the post-credits scenes in Chris Hemsworth’s subsequent movie, then.

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