Wordle is now available in Spanish: this is the new version of the addictive game that hooks the internet


A few days ago we were talking about Wordle, the game that is hitting it all over the world. A few days ago the option to share our results on social networks was enabled, thanks to this, its popularity growing in an excessive way. But nevertheless, this game was only in English. Up to now.

A Spanish version has recently emerged, to which everyone can access for free. It is an open source project created by Daniel Rodriguez, software engineer and contributor on Github, where this project can be found.

The game is available in both Spanish and Catalan


In the event that a language barrier prevents some of you from enjoying the fullness of Wordle, this will no longer be a problem. It is not only found in Spanish, but there is also a Catalan version which we can access through this link.

Why 'Wordle', the word guessing game that has got hooked on the internet, is so addictive

The Spanish version, although it was born less than a week ago, it’s already quite popular, and everything indicates that it will continue to grow even more. The interest is there, and thanks to the user Stinging numbers on Twitter you can see some interesting facts about it.


Image: Picanémonos

Based on this information, Wordle in Spanish has obtained more than 6,000 tweets in two days. For this, we have analyzed how many tweets contained the keywords ‘Wordle (ES)’ and ‘/ 6’. From the analysis of these tweets, very interesting information has been obtained about the percentage of hits based on the language, or the shifts in which people tend to hit the most, among other data.

Our colleagues at Xataka were able to speak with its creator, where he revealed some curiosities about its development. Rodríguez mentions that he released his version simply because “it caught his attention, without further ado.” Daniel works as a software engineer, and his knowledge of Javascript allowed him to develop the Spanish version of Wordle in ‘just two afternoons’. He assures that there are already words until May 2023, although some may vary to insert the odd wink.

What is Wordle?

It’s basically a word guessing game. Every day there is a new five-letter word for everyone, and we will have six attempts to achieve it. Of course, for this, they give us some clues:

  • If the letter turns green, it means that that letter is in the word and is also in the correct position.

  • If the letter turns yellow, it means that the letter is in the word but in the wrong position.

  • If the letter remains gray, it means that it is not part of the word.

We can access this game through any device, since it is in a web version. At the beginning of January, Wordle had surpassed the barrier of 300,000 players. It all started with its creator, Josh Wardle, who wanted to develop a pun for himself and his partner.


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