Wordle: the new viral game to guess a word every day is also a little love story


It is possible that in recent days you have seen some people share on social networks like Twitter green, gray and yellow squares that at the end say “Wordle“followed by a few numbers.

It is a simple little word guessing game that offers a new puzzle every day. The mechanics are very simple but quite addictive, and lets you show off online if you do it right, something that obviously gets it up points and which has probably made it go viral.

You have six tries to guess

All you have to do is enter Wordle from any browser to start playing. The game works perfectly on mobile or on the computer and you are instantly hooked. The way it is played is as follows:

You are presented with a 5×6 square grid and underneath you have a virtual keyboard. In each box there is a letter and in each line a word. When you type a five letter word you will have to touch “Enter” on the virtual keyboard to enter your intent.

  • If the letter changes to color verde, it means that that letter is in the word and it is also in the correct position.

  • If the letter changes to color yellow, it means that the letter is in the word but in the wrong position.

  • If the letter stays in color Gray, it means that it is not part of the word.

These three clues should be more than enough to guess your word. But the game also helps you a little more by highlighting the letters you have already used on the keyboard. Of course, the same letter may be repeated and that is not indicated by the game.

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A game that doesn’t ask for more than a few minutes of attention from your day

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The reason this little game doesn’t have a thousand features, a ton of ads, and doesn’t send you notifications to keep you coming back to play again and again, is because was created by one person for another person.

Its creator is a software engineer who used to work at Reddit, who created the game because he and his partner like puns. His name is Josh Wardle, and he released Wordle in October 2021. By November about 90 people had played it, by January 2021 already exceeds the barrier of 300,000 players.

The option to share the results was not added until the end of December 2021

In an interview with the New York Times, Wardle said, “I think people appreciate that there is this thing online that is just fun, it’s not about doing anything shady with your data or your eyes. It’s just a fun game.”

One created by someone who wanted their partner to enjoy themselves and a project that they were both trying to kill time with during the pandemic. Something simple and that requires little time a day, but makes you wait another 24 hours for the next puzzle. For the original recipient of the game, this is Wardle’s way of “showing his love.”


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