Worf’s actor in Superstar Trek would go back to the saga


The actor of Worf on Superstar Trek, Michael Dorn, has stated that “he has been known as again to motion” via Twitter, however Paramount has avoided the rumor that he would seem in any of the Superstar Trek tv displays which can be already in growth on Paramount + from proliferating.

“Sadly, I verify that this has not anything to do with the Paramount + Superstar Trek Universe,” a Paramount spokesperson informed our fellow IGN contributors in the USA. Dorn sparked hypothesis about whether or not he may just possibly sign up for the forged of Picard in season two writing “Starfleet Calls” a couple of hours in the past.

Dorn remaining seemed in Superstar Trek Nemesis (2002) however has been related to more than a few Superstar Trek tasks through the years, together with Superstar Trek On-line and the fan-made sequence Superstar Trek Continues, the place he made a cameo because the voice. from the send’s pc. Dorn has additionally proven the speculation of ​​a sequence wherein we see “Captain Worf” for a few years.

Worf has in fact been named in Picard season 1, however assures that he was once by no means contacted for a conceivable look at the tv display. He assures that it is usually conditioned through a number of parts, equivalent to coming into make-up now, which is a three-hour procedure. “For me it was once price it, you know? I do not wish to do my make-up once more in any respect, sure.”

Worf is an overly cherished personality inside the international of Superstar Trek. His primary function might be observed in Superstar Trek: The Subsequent Era and in Deep House 9. If I had been to return to Superstar Trek, I might have many choices. Paramount + has a number of ongoing tasks associated with the sequence, together with Superstar Trek Discovery, a Phase 31 spin-off, and the animated sequence Superstar Trek Decrease Decks.

Do we see the Klingon in control of the Endeavor’s phasers and photon torpedoes once more? We trekkies are having a look ahead to it.

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