Work in Bali and not pay taxes on what you earn in Spain: the new visa for freelancers that Indonesia wants to approve


Indonesia is working on ways to attract new foreign travelers to its cities, and one of these plans is to attract digital nomads and any freelancers who can work from home with a computer and internet connection.

It was the Indonesian tourism minister himself who reported the creation of a digital nomad life with a duration of five years for all those freelancers who want to move to Indonesia, including the island of Bali. In return, they would not pay taxes on the income received from companies or people who are outside the country.

Living tax free in Bali may be possible

This strategy seeks to make this region much richer by attracting workers from all over the world and with them, their income. Ministry accounts point to a target of 3.6 million foreign travelers take advantage of this visa. Indirectly they could create a million jobs for all Indonesians.


Keep in mind that a series of requirements must be met in order to work from Bali. The main thing is to be autonomous and above all that do not depend on being in an office permanent. This means that you must be a worker freelanceand in which it is only required to have an internet connection and a laptop.

The really interesting thing is that in the case of receiving income from Spain or from another country that is not Indonesia, they will not have to pay taxes. This is the most attractive thing that can be achieved, since anyone will have a greater economic capacity and, above all, enjoy iconic locations such as Bali much more.

What are the visas for digital nomads that Estonia and Croatia have approved

In this way, the government will want change the philosophy of tourism related to the sun, sea or sand to give rise to serenity, spirituality and sustainability. This will finally make the local economy have a positive effect by bringing all this economic income to the country by investing in all these businesses.

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