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World controversy: Cristiano Ronaldo converted for Juventus, and did he become the top scorer in history?

In the second minute off, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 3-1 for Juventus, who defeated Sassuolo for Serie A in Italy. It was about the 759th conquest in his career. What made him the top scorer in football history?

The controversy is open. According to some reputable statisticians, such as the Spanish Mister Chip, and various European media, the Portuguese, 35, caught up with the Austrian Josef Bican on top. However, the Rec Sport Soccer Stadistics Foundation (RSSSF), the largest soccer statistics and history organization founded in 1994, awards the achievement to Josef Bican, who shone between 1931 and 1951 in a handful of clubs in Eastern Europe. The former center forward, who died in December 2001, appears as leader of the historical table with 805 goals in 530 presentations, a figure that appears in articles published by FIFA and UEFA itself, in which their goals in teams and in the Austrian and Czechoslovakian teams are taken into account. Second is the Brazilian Romario, with 772.

Who has the reason? That is the question. By age and validity (he has already announced that he wants to stay at the highest level until he is 40 years old), CR7 could reach 805 goals in two seasons. The controversy was lived in the different measurements published by the different media at the time of the 759 goal of the Portuguese.

His contender for the record, the aforementioned Bican, was born in Vienna on September 25, 1913. He was characterized by his speed. He was ticking 10.8 seconds in 100 meters, when at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, Jesse Owens set the record and won the gold medal in that specialty with 10.3 seconds. He was a scorer in all the teams he played (Rapid, between 1931-1935), Admira Vienna (1935-1937), Slavia Prague (1937-1949), Viktovické Zelezarny (1949-1951), Skoda Hradec Kralové (1951-1953) and Dynamo Prague (1953-1955). When he hung up his booties, he returned to being a worker, a bus driver and even fed the animals at the Prague Zoo.

There is another name in dance that could be involved in the conversation of the top scorers, if we only count the official conversions, of course. It’s about the Brazilian Arthur Friedenreich, who between 1909 and 1935 scored 1,239 goals, but the IFFHS recognizes 354 in 323 official matches in the First Division, although in 1962, the scholar Mario de Andrade claimed to have all the scorecards and always maintained that they were 1,239 in 1,329 matches , although the journalist De Vaney corrected it and said that it was actually 1,329 in 1,239 games, as published in the book Brazil’s soccer giantsby Juan Marcos and Max de Castro in 1965.

Pirlo's congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo (REUTERS / Massimo Pinca)
Pirlo’s congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo (REUTERS / Massimo Pinca)

Beyond the fight for statistics, there is a certainty that does not admit of discussion: Ronaldo continues to leave his mark. He has 15 goals this season in Serie A and keeps Juventus in the fight, which is fourth, seven points behind leaders Milan. And in the Champions League it is the flag of dreams for Vecchia Signora, who from February 17 will face Porto in the round of 16 of the continental competition. Whether now, or in the near future, the Bican chair will be yours. And only Lionel Messi (two years younger and 719 goals to his credit) will be able to take the crown from him.


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