World Photography Day 2020: What is the importance of World Photography Day, know when it started

World Photography Day 2020: On August 19, that is, World Photography Day 2020 is celebrated every year in the whole world. This day is dedicated to those people, who captured your special moment on camera and made it special. Earlier people used to have cameras with very few people. But today, mobile has replaced the camera. One of the motives behind celebrating this festival is to encourage photographers from all over the world. Today we will talk to you about World Photography Day only.

Why celebrate photography day?

The story of World Photography Day is years old. The dagorotype process was started in France in 1839. Dogorotype It is considered the world’s first photography process. It was invented by Luis Dogar and Joseph Nicefor. Both of them were from France. He announced this invention on 19 August 1839. He then obtained a patent for this invention. World Photography Day is celebrated to remember this day.

Importance of photography day

There is another motive behind celebrating this day. People also celebrate this day to create awareness and share ideas. Also, this day is celebrated to encourage people to make a career in the field of photography. It not only remembers the person who has contributed in the field of photography but also works to encourage the next generation.

Online gallery

The first global gallery was launched on 19 August 2010. It was historic for photographers. Although it may have been the first gallery, more than 250 photographers shared their views. Also, hundreds of countries around the world visited this online gallery.

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