World records on the reels – The biggest slot wins


When you think of a slot machine, you might think of the humble light-up game that you’ve seen at your local pub. If you’ve ever played and won, the chances are that your winnings weren’t life-changing — but believe it or not, some of the world’s high-stake slot machines have seen colossal jackpots winnings by some lucky individuals. Many of these huge wins are thanks to the implementation of progressive jackpots in Slots, which increases the size of the jackpot each time someone plays, but doesn’t win.

Sorry to break it to you, but you’re unlikely to find an extremely high-paying slot machine near you, however, prizes can be far more exciting on an online slot game, where you can play Slots from home at, for example. Winning big on a slot machine isn’t impossible and to prove it, here’s some of the lucky winners of the biggest slot jackpots on record.

Software engineer wins in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for bright lights and big casinos, with even bigger jackpot possibilities, then Las Vegas is your best bet — literally. The gambling capital of the world has seen some impressive wins in its history and Slots are no exception, as was the case for a young software engineer who won $39 million on a Megabucks slot game.

In 2003, the lucky individual placed a $100 stake on the game at Excalibur Casino, located on the infamous Strip. Lady Luck was well and truly on the young man’s side, as the wheels spun in his favour, landing him the colossal jackpot. We hope he spent it wisely!

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British soldier wins big online

Let’s be honest, we can’t all afford a flight to Las Vegas, so it’s a good job that online casinos make it possible to play some thrilling slot games, with huge jackpot potential. An individual who capitalised on this potential was a British soldier, who won £13.2 million on the Mega Moolah slot. Thanks to the slot’s progressive jackpot, Jon Heywood was able to win this remarkable sum, with just a 25p bet!

Waitress rules the reels

In 2000, Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress from California, won $34.9 million at the Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas. She visited the casino after her shift had ended, paying a visit to the Megabucks slot with just $100 to spend. She placed a bet of $21 and as luck should have it, won the momentous jackpot!

Brennan, engaged at the time of her win, spent some of her winnings on her wedding and a two-week honeymoon to Fiji. She also set up trust funds for her family members, so that they could also benefit from her win, as well as paying off any outstanding debts, mortgages and loans that they had!

Though wins this big are few and far between, they’re not impossible. It’s important though, when playing Slots for real money, to set yourself a realistic, affordable budget, to minimise the risk of making losses that you can’t afford. We hope that Lady Luck is on your side, the next time you spin the reels!