Xbox developers will be able to evaluate the accessibility of their games with Microsoft


In 2019, Microsoft published a series of accessibility guidelines for help developers make their Xbox games accessible. Now, they will be helped even more: they can send the games to Microsoft itself to receive feedback on accessibility.

In a blog post today, Xbox shared that the changes to its guidelines are the result of a year of results and feedback from developers.

“The developers have expressed enthusiasm for XAGs, but ask for additional context and clarification on how to secure these guidelines and how they are implemented in their games” we can read in the post. “Additionally, there is a clear desire to provide more content that helps developers understand where to start or what to focus on. Additionally, there have been requests for help in understanding the impact XAGs have on the experience of players with disabilities. “

The changes implemented today include adjustments to the language used in the guidelines to make them easier to understand, and elements such as objectives, questions, and important areas to help developers understand why each area is important and can navigate the guidelines in a way. simpler.

The biggest change for developers now is that they will have the ability to submit their PC or Xbox games to Microsoft for analysis and validation based on the guidelines, and they will be able to receive feedback on any trouble times to help them understand where players are. with disabilities have a worse time, and how to fix it. It will include links to documentation, articles, and other information that will better help developers understand why certain issues are important. And most serious of all: members of the Microsoft disabled gamers community will be part of this testing process.

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Xbox has been totally committed to making its games more accessible for years, including the arrival of Adaptive Control in 2018 and supporting games for people with motor difficulties.