Xbox Game Pass is a lifesaver for developers: this is how it helps smaller games


Mike Rose of the No More Robots team explains why the Microsoft service is beneficial to them.

Xbox Game Pass

Since its catalog began to be extensive, there is no doubt that Xbox Game Pass is a good option for gamers as it offers them the chance to enjoy a multitude of titles for a reasonable price. However, there has always been debate regarding whether it is good for the industrywith harsh criticism and fierce defenses faced.

At this point, the editor Mike Rosefrom the publisher No More Robots (publishers of The Descenders, for example), has wanted to raise its voice in defense of Microsoft’s subscription service, assuring that helps a multitude of developers every month and that in no case is harmful to them.

They can recover the investment in the first day“Game Pass guarantees the success of dozens of developers every month, paying them all development costs (and something else) on day 1″, he writes in a series of messages on his personal account of Twitter. “Anyone who says Game Pass is bad for developers has no idea how the industry works.”

“Normally you release a game, it costs X to make it and you hope the game and the marketing is good enough to get X back and you can start making a profit. If it’s on Game Pass at launch, you’ll likely have an instant payback on launch day. What would you choose?” she continues.

Finally, Rose concludes by referring to all the responses he has received from those he considers “armchair analysts”explaining that he has several games on the service and knows many developers who are happy to have their games on Game Pass.

Despite this, a media outlet recently took a direct response from Xbox after publishing an article critical of the state of the service. East is renewed month by month with new content for its catalog on PC and Xbox consoles, with twelve more titles announced to close the month of May.

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