Xbox players continue their campaign against forced PC crossplay: “it’s a mistake”


Several users consider that the games lose balance between both platforms, so they are at a disadvantage.

Playing competitive titles requires a lot of concentration and self-control, especially when shooters are integrated into both consoles and PC. Since the launch of its multiplayer mode in November, Halo Infinite players on Xbox have been sharing online games with computer users, so it was not a surprise that a campaign began to deactivate crossplay between Xbox and PC.

Today all games need crossplay and I think that’s fine. But they are forcing it nowReddit userAnd this general request continues to rise, as the Halo Infinite forums continue to demand a matching measure from Xbox only with console players. An idea that, although it started as a simple suggestion when perceived disadvantage against keyboard and mouse players, has led to anger of several users due to the inaction of the company in the face of this problem.

Halo Infinite

This is how it reads on Reddit, where several people express their opinion around the forced union between Xbox and PC, which in turn increases the chance of encountering cheaters: “I’m getting tired of hackers in Tactical Slayer. It ruins all the fun for me. Today all games need crossplay and I think that’s okay. they are forcing now, “wrote a user on the Halo subreddit. Other players join these complaints and view crossplay as an unfair situation that exposes them to cheats.

Of course, several companies have had enough of using anti-cheat systems and have decided attack the root problem. This is the case with Activision and its Call of Duty: Vanguard, which after the software RICOCHET remove 48,000 users in one day, has taken the legal route to report a major hack provider. It remains to be seen how this court battle ends, but console players are clear about their reluctance to play with PC players.

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