Xbox seeks to improve the performance and graphics of Series S with a new update


The new software development kit available to studios offers more control over memory.

Xbox seeks to improve the performance and graphics of Series S with a new update

Although Xbox Series X is the star new generation console of Xboxmore and more people are betting on Series S, its younger sister not only in size, but also in features and performance. Microsoft continues to improve the functionality of both, but a recent implementation could bring good news for Model S users.

As detailed in The Verge, the North American company has published a new Xbox software development kit for partners and studios that can improve gaming performance on Xbox Series S. This is because they have “freed up hundreds of extra megabytes of memory”, though you can find out more in the video below:

Developers will have more control of memoryThis new update should increase the performance of the system, as it allows creators to have “greater control over memorywhich can improve graphics performance under constrained memory conditions.” This is not something that translates immediately to the user experience, but it is good news for future developments and the optimization of games in Series S.

Despite the fact that Xbox revenues have fallen if we take a look at the fiscal results of the last quarter, Microsoft may be happy with the not only graphical performance, but also the commercial performance of its new generation consoles. Adding Series X and Series S, those of Redmond have the best-selling generation in the entire history of the company.

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