Xbox Series X Auto HDR coming to PC


Xbox Series X Auto HDR coming to PC and it will enhance the visual experience of over 1000 Xbox games on Windows 10.

The news was revealed in a post on Microsoft’s DirectX developer blog, noting that the feature is initially available as part of the Windows Insider program, which you can join here.

On Xbox Series X, Auto HDR improves the color gamut and lighting for backward compatible games, and will work similarly on PC. Users with an HDR-compatible display will be able to improve the visual quality of games by toggling the feature in Windows HD Color Settings, even if those games were not designed with an HDR mode.

If you’re still confused about the visual benefits of Auto HDR, there’s a helpful example in the blog post (below) that uses a lighting heatmap to show how HDR can bring out detail in a Gears 5 scene.

Essentially, it’s like using an automatic filter on a photo you’ve taken with your phone. Older games will naturally benefit from this technology, and in many ways they are being given new life thanks to it.

Auto HDR heatmap image. (Source: Microsoft)
Auto HDR. Illumination map. (Source: Microsoft)

As Microsoft previews the feature, look for feedback as it will enable Auto HDR on more titles and optimize performance. As for the performance impact of this new feature, Microsoft says there will be a slight effect, but certainly not a strong one. “While Auto HDR requires some GPU processing power to implement, we do not expect it to significantly affect your gaming experience.”the blog post reads.

On the other hand, Auto HDR isn’t the only Xbox Series X benefit coming to PC – EA Play also becomes part of Xbox Game Pass for PC starting today. Meanwhile, Xbox Series X users will soon be able to suspend games to improve download speeds.

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