Xbox Series X / S Virtual Reality is currently not in development, according to Microsoft


A Microsoft spokesperson has commented to IGN that Virtual Reality will not come to Xbox Series X / S for now after information that indicated that the console was referring to a peripheral of this technology.

IGN Italia reported that while testing Xbox’s new official wireless headset, a message appeared on their Xbox Series X system stating that their “VR headset” needed an update. This could suggest that the next-gen console supports virtual reality peripherals.

However, a Microsoft spokesperson told us that this is not the case. “This error message is inaccurate due to a localization error. Virtual reality for consoles is not a priority for us at the moment“.

Source: Giovanni Marrelli, IGN Italy Fuente: Giovanni Marrelli, IGN Italy

It is not the first time that Microsoft has been asked about the possibility of bringing Virtual Reality to Xbox, but the company has been clear. After the presentation of Xbox Series X in 2019, Phil Spencer commented that virtual reality is not part of his plans in the new generation because “no one is asking for it“.

On the contrary, PlayStation was one of the first companies to adopt virtual reality for consoles. The company recently announced that PS5 will feature its own Virtual Reality.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is not completely off the game when it comes to Virtual Reality, although its efforts are focused on PC. The Windows mixed reality platform works with virtual reality games and the HoloLens play with augmented reality.

At the moment, and with this information, it seems that Microsoft is concentrating on virtual reality and augmented reality on PC instead of entering these worlds within the Xbox Series X / S ecosystem.

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