Xbox will not disable Developer Mode on its consoles: a bug had disabled this option


Several users found their developer accounts deactivated without warning, causing controversy.

It is clear that Xbox wants to pamper its community. Just starting the month of January, we have found 8 new games on Xbox Game Pass and 4 additional titles for Xbox Live Gold. But, while the players celebrated such news, the various groups of developers they put their hands to their heads over a recent controversy. Several users found that their Developer Mode accounts on Xbox One and Xbox Series they had been deactivated, but it seems that everything has been about a mistake.

We have no plans to remove or disable Developer Mode on Xbox consoles.Jason RonaldThis has been clarified Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox, through his Twitter account. Taking into account that said Developer Mode requires the payment of a fee, many users launched their complaints to the green company, so it did not take Ronald long to reassure the creators: “We have no plans to remove or disable Developer Mode on Xbox consoles.. We continue to believe in and support a healthy independent game and app development community on Xbox. “

And it is that all the problem is due to a failure during the maintenance of the consoles: “As part of a regular maintenance scheduled for clean inactive accounts, several Partner Center accounts that were used to enable Developer Mode on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S were inadvertently disabled. “Following this, Ronald says they are working on the reinstatement of this option for developers.

Therefore, all the controversy ends here. Xbox will continue to support the work of various video game developers and, in addition to this, continues to give new proposals to the players. Because, although the company is still facing a shortage of resources for the production of Xbox Series, it has no problem in filling its Xbox Game Pass with more than 30 games that will arrive on the platform. on its launch day.


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