Yahoo Answers closes its doors forever next month


Yahoo Answers, one of the most mythical internet corners in internet history, will close permanently on May 4. On that date, when we want to access this page to ask one of your classic questions, we will be automatically redirected to the Yahoo home page.

The news has been released through the Yahoo Answers page itself, which also confirms that The last day we can send questions will be before, specifically April 20. That means we have until then to say goodbye to one of the spaces that has given us the best moments since the beginning of the internet.

Yahoo Answers was a space where users left their questions (of any kind) and the rest of the users could leave their answers, with the possibility that the rest voted for the best ones. Obviously, in addition to being a useful space where you can answer some questions, it became an iconic space full of humor.

Yahoo, which was bought by VerizonMedia Group in 2017 for $ 5 billion, has commented that one of the main reasons for closing Yahoo Answers is the decrease in the popularity of the page. Spaces like Reddit have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, leaving out the precursor.

If you wonder what it was like to walk through Yahoo Answers in recent months, the truth is that everything used to be around political conspiracies and other more murky issues and away from the classic absurdity and humor that made this page so mythical.

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Yahoo has also commented that users have until June 30 to request a downloadable copy of all their questions and answers. After closing, all entries on the web will be removed.