Yellowstone: 7 Questions That Need To Be Answered Before The Finale


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Yellowstone has answered plenty of questions this season after holding viewers guessing for a very long time. After two seasons of suspense, the hit Western revealed why Beth hates Jamie and the potential origins for John’s less-than-favorable (if we’re trustworthy) remedy of Jamie. As is the case with many mysterious situations, there are nonetheless extra questions that want solutions earlier than the finale.

Sure, Season three is nearing its endpoint at a fast tempo that has me internally (and externally) screaming “decelerate!” These are seven of the questions that want solutions sooner slightly than later.

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How A lot Does Kayce Know About His Household?

Kayce was estranged from his household for some time earlier than Yellowstone began, however he’s all-in now. Since coming again to the Duttons and taking on residence on the ranch with spouse Monica and their son Tate, Kayce has witnessed his share of household scenes.

Most lately on Yellowstone, he walked in as John was confronting Jamie over letting Beth get sterilized with out her permission as a part of her getting an abortion. Kayce comforted Jamie however appeared clueless about what had occurred. Between this incident and a few others, I’m questioning how a lot Kayce is aware of, and the way a lot John desires him too.

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Why Did The Duttons Undertake Jamie?

The story goes that John and Evelyn adopted a three-month-old Jamie after his organic father murdered his organic mom. My query for Yellowstone is: why? John shouldn’t be precisely the compassionate kind you’d assume keen to undertake, and Evelyn didn’t look like it both.

John did absorb a teenage Rip, however he made him wait a very long time earlier than calling him “son.” So, it makes John agreeing to undertake Jamie all of the extra mysterious. He and Evelyn had organic youngsters. Their eldest son, Lee, was older than Jamie. What made John comply with take Jamie in and lift him as one among his personal?

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What Is Going On With Jamie’s Child?

Yellowstone planted this seed some time in the past and has but to present it any nourishment. Final season, Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Christina advised him that she was pregnant together with his baby. She additionally laid down a fairly excessive ultimatum. Select his father or his new household. Not an excessive amount of longer after studying this life-changing information, Beth massively lit into Jamie.

Is that why he’s holding his child a secret from the Duttons? Perhaps. For now, it’s as if the bombshell by no means dropped apart from Wes Bentley brilliantly imparting a way of it in Jamie’s scene with John over the Beth state of affairs. What’s going on with Jamie’s child, Yellowstone?

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How Did Jamie Assume What He Did To Beth Was Okay?

Yellowstone made followers wait a very long time earlier than explaining why Beth hates Jamie. My query is, how did Jamie ever assume that signing off on Beth getting sterilized with out her consent was okay? I do know he was a young person, however he was nonetheless a wise one. Jamie ought to have recognized that Beth would ultimately be taught she can’t have youngsters.

The traumatic sterilization is a loss that there’s apparently no recovering from, since she referred to as it a “hysterectomy.” In addition to compassion for his sister, you’d assume that Jamie would realize it was a horrible concept out of self-preservation. The long-term value was too excessive. Yellowstone has proven him to be able to considering underneath strain, and his selection was terrible. Why make it?

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Will Rip Be taught The Fact About Beth And Jamie?

Because it at the moment stands on Yellowstone, Rip is in the dead of night relating to Beth’s feud with Jamie, and moreover what brought about it. There’s a pretty good cause for that. Beth must share that she did get pregnant by Rip when she was 15 and subsequently obtained an abortion. She lastly advised Rip that she couldn’t have children in Season three whereas leaving out the explanation why.

Will Rip ever discover out that was Jamie’s doing? Yellowstone has saved Rip blind to what Jamie did for a cause, and with Rip and Beth nearing marital bliss, the reality appears certain to return out. Will Rip be okay with Beth holding every little thing a secret from him for thus lengthy? That is one other biggie.

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What Occurred Between John And Wade?

As company powers circle John and his ranch, one other rival has reared his head in a major approach. Wade Morrow got here to blows with John throughout final week’s episode (“The Beating”). By the top of the confrontation, John had laid out Wade’s son, whereas vowing to get one thing again from Wade. What’s it?

I do not know. Wade stole one thing that no cowboy ought to, so he broke a serious code of cowboy conduct. John’s angst with Wade appears to transcend merely breaking the foundations. This feud is private, and Yellowstone has but to disclose what Wade took, why he pocketed it, and why John didn’t take Wade to the “prepare station” years in the past.

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Does Beth Know That Jamie Is Adopted?

Lastly, let’s get again to that adoption bombshell for a second. Jamie simply realized that he was adopted when he was a child after years of experiencing a wierd distance between himself and his household. It’s a pressure that Beth has each alluded to and immediately talked about to her brother. Has Beth recognized the reality for some time now?

Final season, she advised her father he would by no means love Jamie like he does Beth and Kayce. John’s response was non-confrontational. He didn’t strongly disagree or say, “How dare you say that! I really like your brother.” Both Beth has an unimaginable sixth sense and realized it, or she realized that Jamie is adopted and saved the reality from him.

Scripting this, I notice that Jamie is without doubt one of the extra mysterious and question-provoking characters on Yellowstone. That makes good sense when you think about all the storylines that he’s tied to. The Season three finale is quickly approaching, which suggests time is of the essence to see if any of those inquiries are resolved.

Discover out if any of those Yellowstone questions are answered when new episodes air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Community. The finale is closing in! After it airs, this fall’s premieres will arrive to maintain followers entertained as they look forward to Season 4. You’ll be able to see a few of these clues for your self by binge-watching Yellowstone’s first two seasons on NBCUniversal’s new streamer, Peacock.

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