YNW Melly’s Murder Trial Ended In A Mistrial When The Jury Could Not Reach A Decision


YNW Melly’s Murder Trial Ended In A Mistrial When The Jury Could Not Reach A Decision:

The rapper YNW Melly’s murder case ended in a mistrial on Saturday because the jury couldn’t agree on anything after three days of discussions.

The artist, whose real name was Jamell Demons, was nabbed within February 2019 for killing Anthony Williams, 21, as well as Christopher Thomas, Jr., 19, with a gun in October 2018.

It only took a Broward jury three days to reach a deadlock over whether or not rapper YNW Melly killed his two best friends from childhood over five years ago.

Craig Trocino, who is in charge of the Innocence Clinic at the University of Miami School of Law, says the Miami Herald that it’s not as fast as it seems.

On Saturday, Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy ruled that Melly’s case was a mistrial because it was clear that the jury could not come to a decision.

YNW Bortlen Sent Out A Strange Tweet:

After the YNW Melly double-murder case ended in a mistrial on Saturday, YNW Bortlen posted a mysterious tweet on his Twitter page.

For those who don’t know, Bortlen, whose real name is Cortlen Malik Henry, is suspected of being involved in the October 2018 shooting deaths of YNW Juvy as well as YNW SakChaser. Bortlen wrote in his tweet, “Mind games have no effect upon people like me.”

Bortlen’s strange message comes before his murder trial, which is set to take place in the fall. At a meeting this past month, it was determined that Bortlen’s trial for killing two people would start on the second of October in 2023.

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YNW Bortlen Was Accused For Killing YNW Melly, YNW Juvy And YNW Sakchaser:

On October 26, 2018, YNW Bortlen was accused of killing YNW Melly, YNW Juvy, and YNW SakChaser, all of whom were part of the YNW Collective.

Bortlen was driving the car that brought the two dead bodies to Memorial Hospital within Miramar, Florida. Bortlen then told the police that they had been shot from a car in Broward County, Florida.

Jamell Demons Is Charged For Killing Anthony Williams And Christopher Thomas Within Miramar:

Jamell Demons, whose professional identify was YNW Melly, is charged with killing Anthony Williams, 21, and Christopher Thomas, 19, in Miramar on October 26, 2018. They were both 21 years old.

Thursday was the last day of closing statements. The case was then given to the Broward jury, which took two full days to decide how to rule. The trial started a month ago.

What Is The Actual Reason Behind Called A Mistrial:

The jurors asked the state as well as the judge if they could look at a few of the evidence again, yet shortly after a few hours as well as a lunch break, they still couldn’t decide, so the judge called a mistrial.

Cornell Law School says that a mistrial happens when a jury can’t come to a decision and a fresh trial with a new jury is needed, or when there has been a significant procedural error as well as misconduct that would make the trial unfair and the judge ends the case without making a decision upon the merits as well as orders a new trial.

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Murphy said, “Our system cannot function if we don’t get individuals from the community to join us in here, listening to the truth of the case, and make a decision.”

After Melly’s double-murder acquittal, there were also other responses. Jamie Demons-King, the mother of the South Florida rapper, posted upon her Instagram story the reported number of jurors who picked “not guilty” in her son’s double-murder acquittal.

Just After The Jury Went To Home All Demons  Were Smiling:

In her message, she said, “9 not guilty, 3 guilty; it was a mistrial; my kid is going home; God is still working.” After the judge delivered the jury home, the demons were all smiles. Murphy spoke to the jury before they left.

Murphy said, “You gave us your time and did your best to determine if you might resolve this case. It didn’t work out, but I would like to acknowledge you again for taking the case seriously and giving it your attention.”

If Demons Founded Guilty He Can Get The Death Penalty:

Demons, who is now 24 years old, has said he is not guilty. If he is found guilty, he could get the death penalty.

After an audio recording within Fort Lauderdale, Cortland Henry, also known to be YNW Bortlen, drove Demons, Williams, as well as Thomas in a Jeep. Prosecutors say Demons shot and killed Williams and Thomas while they were in the car.

Henry Is Charged Because He Is Helping Within Crime:

Henry is charged with helping with the crime, but he will be tried on his own.

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Prosecutors say that the shooting was a gang action, but defense lawyers say that the reason doesn’t make sense because Demons as well as the people who were shot were close friends.

According To Defense That When These Crime happen Demons Was Sleeping At home:

The defense said that Demons was asleep at home when the killings happened and that Henry was to blame.

Thomas was known to be YNW Juvy on stage, and Williams was called YNW Sakchaser. They went to school with the Demons and were member of the YNW group.

The Case Trial Is Set For The Friday:

After the mistrial was called, the mother of one of the victims, Christopher Thomas, posted on Facebook, “Lord, I don’t know if I can take this.” My son died for nothing.”

The defense and the state will talk about how to move further along in this case when they meet again next Friday.