You Are Mine Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


You Are Mine Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

BL dramas are being watched by a lot of individuals these days. Everyone has seen these great Brazilian shows. While everyone else tries their best, we know that Asian BL shows are the best.

The TV show You Are Mine is from Taiwan. When it comes to Taiwanese soap serials, the boy-love theme is working out well. You Are Mine is also about a similar situation. The boy-love genre is full of unique romantic tales with strange characters.

You Are Mine, one of the most-watched TV shows, is also a well-known film that individuals want to know more about. Many people enjoy the show, so they are able to witness a new story where two people fall in love. Some fans call it Jue Dui Zhan Ling as well as Chueh Tui Chan Ling. It’s a romance show at work between two guys.

You Are Mine’s first season has ten short shows, and each one is twenty minutes long. In You Are Mine, the first season, Chi-Sheng Mao as well as Hung Hsiao play the lead roles. The show was full of cute love scenes.

You Are Mine Season 2 Release Date:

The new Taiwanese romantic drama You Are Mine is extremely well-liked by the public due to its endearing plot and charming ensemble. There has been no news yet about the second installment of this show.

The initial episode of this show aired on SET TV on September 15, 2023, and the last one aired on November 10, 2023. Please don’t give up yet. Viewers loved the initial season, so the second installment is likely to be revealed soon.

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Ten 20-minute episodes make up You Are Mine Season 1. Viewers who haven’t seen it yet or want to rewatch the adorable first season can watch the show on Viki Rakuten. It’s a story at work between two guys who fall in love while working together.

You Are Mine Season 2 Cast:

The actors in the first season were liked by viewers, and they will likely be the same actors in the next season as well. As of now, the second season is not yet official, so everything remains uncertain.

Cast Character
Chi-Sheng Mao Shang-Zhou Xia
Hung Hsiao Shun-Yu Yao
Shih Hong Lisa
Chiao-Yuan Lin Sofia
Yi-Chieh Lo Driver
Yorke Sun Hui-Wang Li
Blaire Chang Meng-meng Luo

You Are Mine Season 2 Storyline:

People from other shows might show up in the next installment of the show. It’s likely that Shun Yu will face some new problems and obstacles. His work will determine these tests, since he hasn’t yet gotten used to his new job.

Fans also thought he would make Shang Zhou aware of how he felt about her and tell her. After you watch the first season, this season will also have ten shows. This number could change, though, until the makers confirm it.

People in Taiwan can watch this show on SET TV. For everyone else, it’s on Rakuten Viki as well as Dailymotion. In terms of the group, it will be mostly exactly the same as the initial season.

But the current group could have some new people added. The actors’ parts and their performances are flawless. In the second season, they will keep working and play the same part.

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Recap Of Season 1 Of You Are Mine:

At the start of this season, two men are featured in a business called “Xia.” Yao Shun-yu and Xiao Shang Zhou are the main characters in the show. People who work for this company are known for being smart and good-looking.

Shun Yu is aware of this, but he still applied for the job even though he is not a very good-looking man. He was sure it wouldn’t happen, yet to his surprise, it did. But now that he has the job at this company, things are going to be tough.

He always does a better job than everyone else at work because he works so hard. His boss thought a lot of him because he worked hard and promised to do a good job. But things change when Shun Yu meets Shang Zhou on a blind date.

Following this date, they both began to feel something for each other. Also, this season has given us a good look at how the business world works. Will Shun Yu be able to adjust to this? If you haven’t already, watch this great show right now.

You Are Mine Season 2 Trailer Release:

It’s too bad we don’t have a video for the next installment of the show. The director of the show hasn’t said anything regarding the next season, even though we’ve already talked about it.

There are a lot of people who remain impatiently awaiting the latest news regarding the shows because they are so popular in Asia. The show’s video will also come out if the proof does. This is the official video for the first season. Watch it to get a sense of what the show is about until then.

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Where To Watch You Are Mine Season 2:

A lot of time has passed since the first season of You Are Mine came out. Officials have not yet announced the second season. Like the first season, SET TV will also broadcast the second installment for viewers in Taiwan and other countries. Viki Rakuten will show it.

How Many Episodes Does Season 2 Of You Are Mine Have?

Only two episodes of the first season of the show have been released. The same number of events will happen in the second season as in the first. So, viewers can expect about the same number of incidents throughout the second season, which will ensure a continuing story and an interesting watching experience.


IMDB gave You Are Mine a score of 7.8/10, and 1,822 people on MyDramaList gave it a score of 7.5/10. The number of people watching the show has been slowly growing. I love how the stars in this show do their jobs so well.

Not only do they have amazing skills, yet they also look great, which makes the series even more appealing. I’ve returned to the BL genre after a break, and “YOU ARE MINE” has sparked my attention and held it. I’m looking forward to seeing more shows and seeing how the characters’ friendship continues to grow.