You can check the resistance of Steam Deck while suffering by watching each test in this video


You’re going to have nightmares with that cutter, but Valve’s console comes off pretty well.

The poor Nintendo Switch has been suffering since 2017 each of the resistance tests to which it has been subjected, including those that threw it against the ground and even turned it into a skateboard. But you know how this works, new handheld console, new stress tests, and it’s been Zack NelsonYouTuber specialized in checking the durability of new devices from his channel JerryRigEverythingwho has taken it with Steam Deck.

In the video, shared by PC Gamer, Nelson begins with a screen scratch test from the Valve console, using tools calibrated against the Mohs scale of hardness. To our surprise, the screen on the more expensive Steam Deck is also the worst performer, being less scratch resistant.

Steam Deck

The YouTuber punishes with his cutter the different parts of the console: buttons, triggers, analog and housing, with Steam Deck holding type well, though the most surprising tests are the fire and flex tests. Nelson brings a flame directly to the screen without causing permanent damage to the Valve console, a show of resistance for which IPS screens stand out.

The pressure test exerted by Nelson after bending the console with all his strength, speaks highly of the structural integrity of the device, which resists without significant damage. As for the software, Valve’s console has not stopped improving since its arrival on the market, having managed to triple its list of verified games in three months.

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