You can now buy the Windows 11 license from Microsoft without going through Windows 10: we have checked if it can also be done from Spain


A Windows 11 license can now be purchased and downloaded directly from the Microsoft website, without the need to upgrade the operating system from a version of Windows 10. That is, for example, people who build their own PC from scratch (Do It Yourself) can go to the Microsoft website and get a Windows 11 license directly.

According to PCMag the change It already started in May 2022, but it went unnoticed for the general public, since there was no official communication released by the Redmond company.

PC users who bought a new computer since October of last year with Windows 11 included already had this version of the operating system directly. But those who had a computer without Windows were required to purchase a version of Windows 10 in Microsoft and then upgrade to the new OS version.

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In the “Get Windows 11” section within the Microsoft page there is now a new icon. where they mention you “Do you want Windows 11 on your custom PC?” at the bottom of the pagenext to the retail icons for Best Buy, Dell, Amazon, or Walmart, you also have the Microsoft icon that takes you to a Windows 11 Home license purchase page.

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Buying Windows 11 from Microsoft

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To access the online purchase of Windows 11 from the official Microsoft website, you have to enter this page. When you access, it asks you if you want to continue on the United States site or if you prefer to go to the Spain shopping site (although it indicates that it will be in English).

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It turns out that the Spanish shopping site does not work but we have tested if it would be possible to make the purchase from the United States page (in this global world, many things can be purchased that way). In this case it is not possible (or so we have concluded without Microsoft saying it directly), but still we have seen how the purchase process would be for when it arrives in our country.

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The download of Windows 11 Home can be added to the online cart and purchased for $139 (about 119.99 euros), which is not a price increase compared to the equivalent Home version of Windows 10 that until now people could buy from Microsoft to then upgrade to Windows 11. To proceed with the purchase, you have to give your Microsoft account.

Back in the spring, we reported that the next big update to Windows 11 will force everyone to use a Microsoft account. If you do not have an outlook domain email, you will have to create it in this process.

To buy the Pro version of the operating system you have to access another page on the Microsoft website. Windows 11 Pro is available for $199.99 (€219.99), the same price as Windows 10 Pro. A Microsoft Store representative told PCMag that current downloads are under build number 21H2, and users should be notified when 22H2 is ready for download.

Situation for clients from Spain


Although from Spain we can carry out the purchase process within the United States website, we wanted check what happens if from here we want to get hold of Windows 11 directly on the official Microsoft website.

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After entering your Microsoft account (a process that we have already talked about above), it is time to pay. You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Right now, if you want to pay by card, will ask for a US billing address, so deprecated that method. If you put PayPal, it allows you to continue with the process (we have not reached the final confirmation of the purchase, of course). As a precaution, from Genbeta, we have decided to look at the “Terms of sale” or conditions of sale to obtain more information.

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Regarding “Geographic Availability”, they explain from Microsoft that the Products and Services available may vary depending on your region or device. “In addition, there may be limits to where we can ship the Products or provide the Services or Digital Content. To complete your purchase, we may you are required to have a valid billing and shipping address within the country or region of the store where you’re buying.” Which seems to translate to the fact that without a US billing address you still won’t be able to buy Windows 11.


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