You can now download Gods Will Fall for free on PC: Epic Games Store announces its next free game


The action-fantasy game arrives just in time to close out the holiday gift season.

The month of December had a whole Christmas celebration on the Epic Games Store, and it has done it in the best possible way, with a whole battery of free games that closed the year with the new Tomb Raider trilogy. The store accompanied these gifts with more than 1,300 games on sale and the promotion of the discount coupons of 10 euros.

We can download Gods Will Fall for free until next January 13Both offers and the last of the 15 games that we would receive throughout Christmas end today, day January 6th and they do it with Gods Will Fall. The Clever Beans title hit the market less than a year ago with a proposal for action and fantasy, where we will have to lead our band of Celtic warriors to face the gods themselves.

Galactic Civilizations IIIGalactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III will be the next free game on the Epic Games StoreThe game combines action with RPG and roguelite elements from an isometric perspective, a title with good ideas, but that carries some problems. If you want to know what does it so originalRemember that you have our analysis of Gods Will Fall available. If you want to get it for free and forever, you must claim the game in the Epic Games store before next January 13.

Descarga gratis Gods Will Fall en Epic Games Store

But nevertheless, this is not the end of epic games store giveaways and we have already been able to know the next title that will be available to download for free, it is Galactic Civilizations III, the game of space strategy where we will lead our fleet in the conquest and defense of other civilizations, choosing between dozens of unique breeds and taking advantage of diplomacy, espionage and the powerful technology at our access. We can download Galactic Civilizations III for free from next January 13 to 20.

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