“You have connected but you do not respond…”: WhatsApp wants to end this harassment, but it does not do enough


In recent years, WhatsApp has made efforts to improve your privacy with new features to limit who sees your status or your last time. But all of these are always late, since Telegram has been with these active functionalities for years. Although, in many cases it may not be completely enough to leave some fringes completely loose.

It is a reality that many of the functions that were designed to improve productivity or communication have become a weapon of espionage for many people. This makes it necessary keep them under control at all times with the aim of avoiding excessive control between two people, something that unfortunately is currently a reality.

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All forms of privacy implemented

The highlight to be able to have the greatest possible privacy while using WhatsApp is the possibility of customizing the display of different sections of the chats. Specifically, you can find several functions such as last connection time, profile picture, information and statuses. In all these cases, you can find the possibility to change the visibility by choosing one of the following possibilities:

  • All: any person, even if you have not added them to your agenda, will be able to view any of the fields that we have commented on in the previous paragraph. This makes you completely exposed on the network.
  • my contacts: only the numbers you have programmed in your device will be able to access the display of this information. For the rest it will not be visible, although there are exceptions as we will comment.
  • My contacts, except… : in this case, a dropdown will open to be able to choose who of your contacts, even if you have it in your agenda, will not be able to access this information. In the end you will be creating a “black list” of people with whom you want to maintain privacy.
  • No one: the most extreme privacy option offered by WhatsApp in which in no case will a person see your last connection or your profile picture even if you have it in your device’s own agenda.

Beyond these functions, we can also highlight the possibility of remove read receipt. This can undoubtedly become one of the most controversial points, since anyone can know if you have read a message in their chat and reproach you at the moment. WhatsApp allows you to eliminate the hateful blue tick in both chats and audios. They came much later on this last point, but now it applies to text messages as well as these.

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Another point of conflict is the WhatsApp groups. In this case, it can be really annoying when anyone puts you in a group without your prior consent. Among the privacy options you can find the option to choose which only your contacts can put you in a group or that absolutely nobody does. This guarantees to the maximum that you do not enter spam groups or where you do not want to be. It eliminates the fact of leaving a group and being put back in the moment, forcing you to be in a conversation that you do not want.

whatsapp group

Lastly, the oldest function that can be found in any instant messaging application, including WhatsApp, is to block any contact that is causing you problems. This way they will not be able to contact you through that phone number or view, the last time, the profile picture, the status or the “On Line”.

There are several major problems in this “privacy”

But as we have mentioned before, these functions are not perfect. Apart from the fact that they arrived much later than Telegram, there are many points that require several extra updates. Although it is possible to prevent a group of people from seeing the last time you logged into WhatsApp, always can be displayed when you are connected to the application with the phrase “On Line”.

WhatsApp allows a person to be monitored 24 hours a day to know when they connect and what activity they have in common groups.

And this is a serious problem, since you can find some applications that monitor this state. It can become something really perverse, since it will be recording the screen for 8 hours a day so that when the night comes, check if you have been online. In addition, it will observe the specific times in which this has happened to be able to locate exactly where you could have been, if you were doing something important or if you were with the device all the time. In short, it is a form of harassment and control that should be remedied.

Whatsapp Movil

These apps are constantly reading the chats that may interest a person. This way, when it goes Online, it makes it report with a notification and show the last time the connection was shown. That is why these privacy functions can be completely ignored, creating a situation of real espionage through WhatsApp, especially in the most toxic relationships.

This is also added to the fact that the blue tick cannot be removed from a group where you are with several people. In this way, it adds to the fact that anyone can be controlling you, that by seeing a message in that group, it means that you have connected, entering again the cycle of perversion mentioned above. And this is because in addition to the blue sign, the option to check exactly the time at which it was received and read is also added.

The statuses in WhatsApp can locate a person through a simple display, with their geographical location included.

When it comes to WhatsApp statuses, which work exactly like Instagram stories, there isn’t much privacy either. It has become normal in recent years that we have a list of people who view these statuses or stories, but keep in mind that for many years it has not been needed in a Facebook post, or a tweet that is published. In this way, an option should be added so that this activity is not recorded when viewing a history to guarantee privacy.

And it is that although a priori it may not be something dangerous, the truth is that an investigation by Chema Alonso indicates that with this record it is possible to know the exact location of a person who has made that visualization. Mainly, it is found that with this information, a log is quickly accessed with which a MySQL table is prepared with data from the country code, latitude, longitude, city… In this way, anyone with an obsession problem will be able to access all this information.

All this means that you have to continue to evolve in the application, and as with Telegram, the option to remove online status should be added. In the latter you can only see that you are connected only when you are in that person’s chat, but if you are in another you can go completely unnoticed.


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