“Young Royals” Returned With More Drama And Romance In Its Second Season On Netflix

The series will continue to tell the story of Prince Wilhelm after the video of him having an affair with a young man who attends the same school is leaked. (Netflix)

After a year and a half of waiting, the second season of young highnesses came to Netflix, to continue telling a story that is committed to diversity in areas such as social, sexual and ideological. The Swedish show is a queer teen production about two boys who meet at school and fall in love. One of them is a prince and the other a simple commoner and immigrant. Although the premise may sound generic, the truth is that the first installment of this fiction managed to steal the hearts and attention of adolescents and adults beyond Scandinavia.

The series is anything but average and to show the popularity that it unleashed since its previous installment, when without much publicity in Latin America, it became one of the favorites in this region. Something similar happened with other sites where this youth drama reached, where it quickly managed to position itself among the ten most watched productions during its launch. For this reason, it is not surprising that the streaming platform will renew the show for a new installment, news that was released only two months after its debut.

The series finished shooting in May of this year.  (Netflix)
The series finished shooting in May of this year. (Netflix)

The story centers on the fictional Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Edvin Ryding) and his budding gay romance with a schoolmate, Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg). The fiction began with the young monarch at the Hillerska boarding school and at the end of the episodes he had to decide between the crown and her new love.

After August leaked a sex tape starring the young lovebirds, the couple’s relationship quickly fell apart. The monarch was convinced to deny his involvement in the scandal to protect the family from him, but in doing so, he also betrayed the one he loves in the process. In the end, the monarch asks the girl in love with him if they can continue together in secret, since making it public would harm the Crown. However, that proposal was not enough for the young man, who decided to end the relationship immediately.

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This series is one of the most watched Swedish productions on the platform.  (Netflix)
This series is one of the most watched Swedish productions on the platform. (Netflix)

For those who haven’t kicked off Season 2 yet, the trailer for Season 2 gives some hints as to what to expect. It is noted that this school year, a new love and a lot of drama. The clip begins with the students receiving their academic welcome, while Wilhelm and Simon struggle to get back to the way they were during their senior year. Season two will focus on the resolution of the scandal, as tensions and awkwardness linger in the air. Apparently, the future king of Sweden will be determined to make August (Malte Gårdinger), his cousin, suffer for having betrayed him.

At the same time, it is seen how Willhem remembers the moments of intimacy that she lived with her ex-boyfriend Simon (Rudberg). In response to August’s apologetic texts, he replies, “Stop calling! You destroyed everything. I will make your life hell.” The unknown is whether the prince will resume the relationship or if he will leave these feelings behind to focus on his future as his heir.

Actor Edvin Ryding plays Prince Wilhelm of Sweden.  (Netflix)
Actor Edvin Ryding plays Prince Wilhelm of Sweden. (Netflix)

The new chapters finished filming in May of this year and, at the end of June, the first images of what will be seen soon on TV screens were shared. Netflix. This glimpse confirmed that Willhem will not have a good time, but the crisis situation will also allow the friendship ties at school to be even closer than before.

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In addition to Ryding in the lead role as Prince Willhem, the main cast includes Malte Gårdinger, Frida Argento, Nikita Uggla and Omar Rudberg. Television fiction is an original creation of Lars Beckung and Camilla Holter; and belongs to the group of LGBTQ+ series within the catalog of the streaming service.


In an interview with Gay Times, actors Ryding and Rudberg explained that they are excited but nervous about how viewers will receive the continuation of this scandalous story. “I had a lot of fun during the first season and before the second season I was quite anxious because I had a long period of time where I didn’t understand why he (Wilhelm) did what he did this season,” Ryding said. Also Ryding also explained that the characters are “on very different platforms”, but stated that it is also “really beautiful to show that people make mistakes and nobody is perfect, not even Simon”.

Young Highnesses is a Scandinavian teen drama starring Ryding, Rudberg, Argento, Gärdinger, Nikita Owl , Augus Knob you and more. It is written by Lisa Ambjörn , Pia Gradvall , Sophie Forsman y T ove Forsman and is produced by Martin Söder y Lars Becker.


From November 1 you can enjoy the two seasons of Young Royals in Neflix.


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