YouTube Stories: Success Tips from A Top YouTuber


YouTube Stories: Success Tips from A Top YouTuber

In this article, we’ll be discussing some success tips that a top YouTuber shared with us. All these tips are based on an organic approach that works well for everyone and helps to reach the pinnacle. Anyone who keeps these tips in mind will be ahead of the curve in no time.

But before starting, let’s see why having a wider reach on YouTube matters and why YouTube should be your number one place for posting content out of other platforms.

Why Consider YouTube?

  • YouTube, out of other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., is the only place where your content lives forever. Content, even if they’re from 10 years old, is still searched by people and gets views, suggestions, comments, traffic, and subscribers. Whatever content you post today will keep giving you results and live forever on YouTube.
  • As YouTube’s parent company is Google, it has thousands of clients who sell ads against your content. By posting content on YouTube, you not only get to showcase it to the world but also build a brand and get paid for it at the same time. 
  • Being purely a content platform, YouTube works to find an audience and promotes content for its users. All you need to do is post great content and do a lot of work to gain more engagement on YouTube. Your content will soon be recommended and shown to viewers first against other people’s content on the platform. 
  • Unlike any other platform, YouTube also gives your content a chance to appear on the first page of Google search results.
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Now, we come to the actionable tips for creating quality content, growing an audience, and becoming successful on YouTube. Without any further ado, let’s start!

Define Success

People fail to become successful YouTubers because they don’t know what success actually means to them. Success comes in different forms and, for you, it can be gaining more Subscribers on YouTube from & getting a particular viewership, getting particular subscribers, making money, or anything else. Whatever be it, you need first to listen to yourself before listening to anyone else. Your definition of success might not match that of others.

Focus on Quality

The ultimate mantra for achieving success on YouTube is creating compelling content. No matter, how many articles you read on the internet, you’ll always come across this tip. Create content that people want to come back for.

First, your videos must have a strong introduction that sets expectations, encourages viewers to continue watching them, and familiarizes viewers with you as well as your content.

You need not focus on quantity, which most people do. Simply cut out unnecessary or filler content, if any, from your video. Wherever possible, try to combine footage. Always ask yourself this question: “Is this the video I’d be happy to watch?” If the answer is no, you’ll automatically know what went wrong and in which areas you need to work more.

Make sure that the audio and visuals of your videos are of top-notch quality. Always try to shoot your videos in good natural lighting. It makes your videos much more powerful, impactful, and professional than those artificial ones. Also, people do not watch a video with poor sound quality. Even if your video is a bit pixelated or it’s from a phone, it’ll still be watched if the sound and visuals are good. You can go for adding subtitles.

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There’s No Shortcut 

Stop doing mistakes that other people do and learn from their mistakes. Without any diplomacy, we say that the road to Youtube success requires hard work and it’ll take time. There’s no shortcut to gaining more YouTube views from You just need to be disciplined and stick to a content creation routine consistently throughout. 

Stand Out

Always focus on being your real self. If you want to be successful on YouTube, you need to do something that other people are not doing. Every YouTuber needs to have a loyal audience that’ll act as the pillar of the channel. To build that loyal audience base you need to be real, unique, and post what people can’t find anywhere else. 

Learn From Analytics

YouTube provides useful metrics that show where people left the video, flatline (where means nobody left), or a spike (a part that people watched again and again). With, this you can take your content game to a whole new level. You can use this information as the basis for posting on other platforms. You can also cut your long YouTube videos into shorter videos and then use them on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


The main takeaway is that starting a YouTube channel is very easy but building one that’s successful is very difficult and takes a lot of effort. It requires a lot of learning, practice, and time. In this article, we already covered the learning part for you. now, Now, you just need to practice it and wait for results. Happy growing!


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