Zack Snyder confirms the length of his version of Justice League


Zack Snyder has confirmed during IGN Fan Fest 2021 that there is no more editing regarding his version of League of Justice. HBO Max reports that it will run for 4 hours and 2 minutes.

It’s one of 27 things we’ve learned from our in-depth conversation with Snyder about the Justice League, which hits theaters and HBO Max on March 18.

Snyder himself has also released a series of clips on the origins of heroes with many Easter eggs about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash.

He has also revealed that the “Synder Cut” will have a “climactic” ending, has given his opinion on the redesign of the Joker and how his version will address the character of Batman, played by Ben Affleck.

Snyder’s version of Justice League will include two and a half hours of never-before-seen footage, with four to five minutes of additional photography, content from its theatrical release, and elements that were cut from the final version.

Zack Snyder is undoubtedly taking a chance with what is expected of a DC superhero story. He wanted to kill Superman and he did it in Batman v Superman (sort of). However, other crazier ideas did not come to fruition, such as the romantic pairing of Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane. We do not know what this could entail, but this time it is clear that we are not going to know either.

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