Zack Snyder explains why his Justice League has that ending even though no sequel is expected


Zack Snyder, who previously explained that his version of Justice League ends in suspense with a cliffhanger, has explained why he has chosen this ending despite his doubts that there will ever be a sequel.

Snyder recently sat down with our IGN USA partner, Matt Purslow, to discuss his version of The Justice League before its long-awaited release (here’s how you can see it in Spain, Latin America and other territories). Specifically, he talked about some of the decisions he made when reviewing the project and why he chose to end the film on a “massive cliffhanger” (his own words) even though he doesn’t even know if there will be a second part.

(The new ending scene) mirrors another scene that the original movie had, almost exactly, ” explica Snyder. “I didn’t feel like I wanted to change the movie. If we were going to release the movie, I’d like to do it the way it was designed, and that’s what that scene tells us.“.

Snyder acknowledged that he could have altered the ending of Justice League to better tie the events of the film together, but that he would not feel as “satisfied” by concluding a film of the genre that way. “It is within the genre to end these films in suspense. This is how they are, and I felt like that’s what I should do“, He said. “We had worked so hard on how the stories would continue that it seemed unfair to disrespect that too“.

IGN also got a bit of insight into how the story might have played out for the entire two-film arc that was originally planned. “There are a lot of cool things we were going to do“, explica Snyder. “He was even talking about Joker and Batman in the story, reliving Robin’s death. That was going to be a fun journey for us to take. And of course, just return the world and fix it, after the battle with Darkseid. Everything goes on and on“.

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Rumors about Justice League 2 have circulated non-stop for the past few years., with Kevin Smith stating that in the sequel the heroes would travel to Apokolips to confront Darkseid and the Green Lantern Corps would also have been included. There were even rumors that the second film would have ended in a depressing way The Empire Strikes Back, while a third and final film would have been the final battle between The Justice League and Darkseid.

Fans will be able to find out more about Zack Snyder’s Justice League starting March 18, when the film opens in most parts of the world. We remember that here we indicate how you can see it in different territories.