Zack Snyder’s Justice League: 27 Things the Director Told Us


Zack Snyder is gearing up to launch his version of Justice League on HBO Max on March 18.. Dubbed by fans as “Snyder’s cut,” the director’s cut of the DC team movie that originally premiered in 2017 will officially debut as a single four-hour (-odd) movie on the streaming service.

During the IGN Fan Fest 2021, the director sat down with us to delve into this new version of Justice League answering our questions and also those of the fans. There were plenty of details from Snyder ranging from information on new characters in the film like Deathstroke and Jared Leto’s Joker, as well as the opportunity to hear from the director on the backstory of this version.

Here you have the 27 things we’ve learned from Zack Snyder’s Justice League by talking to Zack Snyder himself.

  • For fans who are waiting for the final version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, know that the version that will premiere on HBO Max it will have the last word from the director and it is “essentially the same movie” that was finishing in 2017.
  • When Snyder finished his edition of Justice League in 2016, there was an even longer version that he and editor David Brenner cut to four hours. “We just tightened the screws a little bit to get closer to four o’clock,” Snyder tells us. This will be the version we see.
  • When discussing discussions with Warner Bros. to release this version of Justice League, Zack Snyder cites fan support as the key to releasing this version. The director commented that this was “the perfect storm that allowed it to come true.”
  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League “It fills in a couple of impossible gaps that I thought would never see the light of day.”
  • The story he’s most excited to share in his Justice League is Cyborg’s backstory.. “It’s a very important part of the movie for me. There were really cool things that we shot that I was really excited to show the fans.”
  • During IGN Fan Fest, Zack Snyder shared a special sequence that he initially considered using for the opening credits of his Justice League. In the style of a classic Roman painting, the sequence “Mother Box Origins” shows the various heroes of the group immortalized as gods.
  • “There are a million easter eggs in the Mother Box sequence. We started doodling and it became this piece of art all by itself that talks about Mother Boxes and the origins of the characters, and I find it. really beautiful and immersive. ” Here you can see the cut:
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  • Snyder says that while was considered an episodic format at firstThis got complicated and ended up being a single movie divided into six chapters.
  • The director also revealed to us the name of the first two chapters: ‘Don’t Count On It Batman’ y ‘The Age of Heroes.’
  • Zack Snyder comments that more recent movies with members of the Justice League have not altered their creative decisions on film. “This film was finished before those films were made,” he explains, “so I stayed on track with my point of view.”
  • “I think you can see my Snyderverse version of DC’s superhero canon as my own. I love Patty and James and what they’ve done with their movies, they’re amazing, but at this point I thought this is my own thing and I did. like I always wanted it. “
  • He also gave some context to his version of Batman, commenting that after 20 years fighting crime his thoughts have changed. “Our Bruce had higher morale when he started fighting in Gotham 20 years ago, but he’s seen a lot of difficult things over the years and I think he’s a bit tired.”
  • There were lengthy conversations with the studio about whether to put Superman in a black and silver suit.. “I was a big advocate (of the black suit),” explains Snyder, “they weren’t that much and we were going from one place to another. I said, okay, let me at least do some tests to see what it looks like. We came up with a method. where we could easily rotate the suit by swapping out the existing suit with the black and silver suit you see in the movie. We knew exactly how to do it, and like I say, it was always my intention to have it. “
  • Snyder adds that seeing the suit in that style was exciting: “It was great, yes, I have to admit, because the first thing we did was a quick test.”

  • Responding to a question from actor Harry Lennix, Snyder explained that General Calvin Swanwick and Martian Manhunter are connected in the new film.
  • Snyder reiterated that Cyborg is the heart of his version of Justice League. “Everything turns against him, the events that happen to him within the context of the film.” However, it makes it clear that even though the character was removed from the upcoming Flash adaptation, there is still a story to tell. “He’s an amazing character and it’s great to realize that in the movie. You will realize that Cyborg is the tip of the iceberg, so who knows?”
  • Jared Leto’s Joker makes an appearance in the film, with a new look based on his appearance in the post-apocalyptic reality of “Knightmare” that Batman witnesses. It’s a cameo that wasn’t part of the original script, but Snyder says “it’s about trying to fulfill the promise of having the Joker in this universe. I always wanted him to be in the reality of the nightmares, so it was a great opportunity. When I spoke to Jared he was interested in doing it, so I felt like it was something I couldn’t pass up. “
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  • Snyder confirms movie ends with “massive cliffhanger” which would have been connected with the director’s plans for the next Justice League movies. However, it appears that those plans may not make it past the first stage of preliminary ideas. “Plant the seeds of what would come in later movies. That’s there but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.”
  • Deathstroke played by Joe Manganiello has been confirmed, but Snyder explained how the traditional villain will fit in with the heroes: “When we found him, he and Batman have struck some kind of a deal. I suppose there is a greater enemy. They are not locked in mortal combat, actually, they are working together to try to figure out how to make this world work. “
  • Snyder hinted that Darkseid intended to be the villain in a hypothetical Justice League 2, but he made it clear that he will make an important contribution to the film. “He’s running the show, he’s there. I don’t want to spoil it again, but yeah, he’s there.”
  • As for why he’s there, Snyder says Darkseid has “tons of human motivation,” not just a quest to conquer. “Something happened in the past and he’s not happy, something that hurt him. It’s shaped him and he’s looking to get it right, so I think there are a lot of nuances in him and Ray Porter does a great job of expressing it.”
  • As for Steppenwolf, Joss Whedon’s Justice League villain, Snyder explains that he and Darkseid have a “very complicated” relationship. “I’m not going to reveal it but something happened between the two of them. There is a rather complex relationship.”
  • Snyder was asked if he would accept an offer to do Justice League 2But he was cautious: “That’s very hypothetical. I think I’d believe it when I saw it and be happy to cross that bridge when I see it approaching.”
  • It has long been debated who inhabited the empty kryptonite capsule in The Man of Steel. and some wondered if that mystery would be solved in the Snyder Cut. Sadly, the mystery will continue and may never be solved. “It is an open question and I hope that at some point it will be discovered who was there and what is going on.”
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  • IGN told him that the public insisted on social networks to answer the question of this mystery, and said that there is an answer. “There is, trust me.” The director knows it, another thing is that this movie tells us.
  • Zack Snyder confirmed that there is a black and white version of the film dubbed the “Justice is Gray” edition.. He says he is a “great defender and a great admirer” of this version and that it is his “favorite version of the movie.” IGN has confirmed that this version will also bequeath to HBO Max, although the exact release date remains to be determined.

In more than four hours, Zack Snyder’s Justice League will become the definitive version of a movie that fans have been waiting for years. The journey to get here has been a long one since Zack Snyder left the project in 2017 to be replaced by Joss Whedon.

It will have almost two hours of never-before-seen sequences and there will be a few minutes of additional scenes, including the appearance of Jared Leto’s Joker.

Do you want to see this version? Its premiere will take place on March 18.