Zack Snyder’s Justice League is officially rated R


It was Zack Snyder himself who predicted that his court of The Justice League it could end up receiving an R rating. But, to this day, that was unofficial. Today, we can already say that you have received it. And also, we know the reasons: why “violence and certain language”.

If you remember, it was previously announced that Batman will drop at least one F-bomb in this HBO original movie. And that seems to be, after all, the main reason for this violence. Obviously, there could be more surprises when the film opens on the streaming platform on March 18, 2021. Steppenwolf atrocities aside, of course.

Zack Snyder's Justice League HBO Max Release Date Confirmed

The news, echoed by Movieweb, was highly anticipated by DC fans. Especially those who hope to find in this new version a much darker and adult film with respect to the film released in 2017.

And with respect to those differences, the film is expected to present “A solid two and a half hours of invisible footage.” In addition, this version will offer the incorporation of Manganiello in the role of Deathstroke, the arrival of Ray Porter as the tyrannical cosmic lord Darkseid and much more importance for certain stories, such as the tragic history of Cyborg, or the return of Jared Leto as Joker.

Zack Snyder's Justice League HBO Max Release Date Confirmed

Speaking of the Joker, yesterday we could see a first image of the appearance that the character of Jared Leto will have in this new version. And although the image was blurry, it does give us an idea of ​​certain changes. The most notable (at least visually) it seems that we will find it in the hair. Much longer than what we saw in the Suicide Squad movie released in 2016.

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Remember that the film will also be released on March 18, 2021 in Spain. And if you have HBO, you can watch it.